August 17, 2011

What's your definition of Gyaru?

*wordy post*


Firstly, thank you very much for those who have participated in the giveaway! For those who haven't joined it yet, please do so! If you have any questions about the giveaway, please drop me a comment, ok? (^^)

The other day after I took pictures for the giveaway, my camera's memory card broke. Luckily I had it backed up! However, because of that I won't be able to post new pictures for a while. (> <) I'm actually considering Vlog but I'll see what can be done meanwhile.

Coming back to the topic of this post, recently I've been told that my style is 'normal asian girl style' instead of Gyaru. It made me quite sad, you see...

What is Gyaru to you?

I just googled the image. I don't mean to direct it to any particular person.

Is it thick eyelashes + bleached hair + deco nails + colour contacts etc?

To me, it's not. I personally don't think that Gyaru have a must look. They have something similar but not completely the same. Gyaru girls can be different, don't you think so?

Even in magazines like Popteen or Popsister you see Gyaru with black hair, one tone nail polish and natural looking eyelashes. No? It's not Gyaru?

Tsubasa Masuwaka has dyed her hair black and has short nails for her Milky Bunny PV. So she's not Gyaru anymore in that way? Have your say.

Here I'm just stating my opinions on Gyaru style. I hope I didn't offend anyone by stating so.

I would like to know your thoughts on Gyaru too if you are a Gyaru gal or you simply like the style.

Thank you~!

See you soon,



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  2. Nice post! :))

  3. 煙$moke。- Yes, I will. I was just stating my opinion, that's all. (^^)

  4. I think gyaru is more of a lifestyle than a fashion style.i mean fashion does play a role in it too but I think people mix up the style being "normal asian girl style"and thats why people criticize about the hair, nails, me its about being trendy and having fun with your look.if a person doesn't bleach their hair I dont think it makes them any less gyaru...

  5. Sakura- I think so too. Gyaru girls are always on the trend. Anyone can be on the trend in their own way. It shouldn't be uniform as that will be boring, wouldn't it?

  6. I think "gyaru" is an overall definition which covers attitude, trendy and knows the latest fashion! there isnt a definition, n no rules. whoever said that probably has a misleading idea in gyaru. :/

  7. Nahhh I love your style. U look so pretty without tons of make up. And Tsubasa look pretty without blonde hair. Keep it up with yor good job

  8. don't listen to other dear, and you are mecha kawaii~~
    Decimal Shoes

  9. Nice post !

    Every people has different style and thought about gyaru, i must say gyaru will be boring if everyone look same ( blonde hair, thick eyelash etc.. )

    I saw these comment from other blogs,

    'you're not gyaru'

    'wearing dolly wink does not make your more gyaru'

    ' this is not gyaru '

    i was like, so rude..i think those people are just too obsessed with gyaru style.

    anyway, i think you're really a great gal hanie ! ignore what they said, just do what you like !! :)

    *sorry for my broken english !! xD

  10. I completely agree! Recently I was talking with a girl who also likes gyaru and when I told her I liked it, she basically started telling me I could only look this way and wear only certain clothing brands. It was too weird! The style is fun and she made it seem like there were all these rules to it.. like there was some kind of gyaru "uniform" or something. Your blog is really cute btw. <3

  11. jilliancat- I don't think there is a precise definition for it too. We know that there are some points that Gyaru girls hold on to, but they are definitely not a fixed rule.

    Pamelicious- Thank you! Right now, I'm focusing more on the foundation part of the make up. Lighter make up seems more acceptable too. ^^

    decimal shoes- Aww, thanks

    Maii- Haha! I like your comment. :D If Gyaru has a fixed style points, then not everyone can be Gyaru. Like Maii, I think it's possible for muslims to be Gyaru too even though they have to wear 'tudung'. Like in anime conventions or at Bon Odori, we also see muslims in Lolita outfit or yukata and we still accept them as we can see how much they love the style. It's about the passion for it, not being it sometimes.(^^)b

    Oreo- I don't even care about fixed brands. Sure, there are brands I like, but sometimes you can bring in your own style as in representing yourself. A style shouldn't cover you, but you should shine in that style. I hope you understood? (^^;)

  12. i see people everyday that walk around and are trying so hard to be something everyone else expect them to be. and if they have one bad day, they get to hear about it for the rest of their lifes. and they get left behind. sometimes i think gyaru is kinda sad cause they have to live by it all the time, or at least to me it seems like it. 'you have to do this and you have to do that'...
    like, the pressure is so huuuge. Honestly, i think you are way prettier and better than all of them. you are doing what you want, and thats why i look up to you o .o (your awesome 8D)

    also not saying that you just have a normal asian girl style. just so you know? ;p your special :D
    so dont listen to them ^^


  13. TirilM- I know what you mean by being somebody others expect them to be! Although fo rme it's not on the style, it's more like people around me look up to me like I'm really mature, smart, capable of doing almost everything. I hate those pressure they are giving me so I would sometimes ignore or deny their request.

    For me, Gyaru style is something I love and although I want to dye my hair etc, I can't because of school. But that doesn't mean that I can't follow the style in terms of make up, attitude or style right? :D So instead, I do my best in achieving Gyaru in my own way and I feel happy that way too. ^^

  14. yeah :D and dont let anyone make you do things you dont want to >:I but i dont understand, you cant dye your hair because of school? o. o i live in norway and ive never heard about school not allowing people to dye their hair? but we also dont have uniforms.. i'm just curious sorry c:

  15. TirilM- In Malaysia, we can't dye our hair unless you go for homeschooling. That's the rule. No hair dying, short nails, no make up and school uniform. Students here often want to be able to dress up like in your school, for example. Hehe...

  16. oohh :/ but after school then? o .o

    (i did enter the giveaway, dunno if you saw it :P but somehow i cant open my blog and twitter, myspace all of those things are blocked on my computer because of my dad.. so i cant really blog about it :s first after 2 years my dad let me use facebook.. > -< aaaand, i think you're achieving gyaru really great c: and i must admit, it is a pretty cool look.^^)

  17. TirilM- Of course we can change into our own attire after school if we want to. But I guess we can't do anything about hair or nails...

    I saw your entry (^^)

  18. i meant when your finish school, but yeah c: could always wear a wig?, even tough your hair color is gorgeous. and fake nails? idk :) and thanks :DD

  19. TirilM- I have already plan to dye my hair after I finish school. Hehe! It's rare to see people wearing wigs other than at anime conventions here in Malaysia since the weather is super hot here...

  20. Aww your blog is so cute :) Yeahh I don't understand why some people feel the need to make up so many rules that you must follow to be gyaru, it's silly (-__-'')

  21. TirilM- Hehe

    emiギャルママ- Thank you! Yeah, I think it's silly too. Haha~

  22. actually I'm not able to recognize a gyaru girl. I like that style, but I really have no idea about what characterizes it °__°

  23. Lilith- Well, Gyaru girls are always trying their best to keep up with the trend. They usually wear circle lenses, false eyelashes, nude/pink/milky colour lips and bleached their hair and dye it golden blonde (I'm not sure how to tell you the colour... > <). There are many exceptions to this though, so you can't actually define them with a fixed rule. :)