August 7, 2011

Tokyo Street~!!!

Update: I realise that the pictures in this post looked dark. I edited them at my friend's house under low lightning so it didn't turn out as bright. Sorry! (> <);;;


Recently, a 'Tokyo Street' was built at Pavillion KL! I was already excited to go there even before it was opened and I finally had the chance to go there yesterday!

I have to pin my fringe up because it's covering my eyes already. I guess I'll cut it soon... Hehe...

Eyemake of the day.

Top lash: Dolly Wink No.1
Bottom Lash: Canmake No.13

Recently I've been trying out eyemakes that looks more natural. But... I don't think they suit me that well so I think I should just stick with the darker types? Haha

Upon arrival at Tokyo Street! The lights were so bright so you can see why my grandma and I looked so dark.....

They had a big lantern hung there just like in Asakusa!

Of course, I need to camwhore since I'm in mini Japan right now. Hahaha!

They also had written wishes called Tanabata wishes hung there.

Tokyo Street is divided into three sections. All of the shops there have a Japanese inspired theme.

There's also a Daiso shop there. This branch has more items compared to the one in Sungei Wang. But it's quite crammed in there. (> <)

Lots of Hello Kitty products displayed in one of the shops there! Why isn't there Rilakkuma?! (>w<)

There was also Yukata, Geta, Furisode and other traditional items sold there.

Shimino Crepe~! It's my favourite crepe in Malaysia!

I've tried Strawberry flavour and Banana with chocolate cake one before So I decided to try the Mango one this time. (^^)

Yummilicious crepe~

If you have the chance to visit Tokyo Street don't forget to try these mochi! They are really delicious!

There were many Japanese restaurants there but I didn't get to try their food. Maybe I'll got here again and try them out when I have saved up some money. (^^;)

So here are some of the things that I bought there...

I bought this sweat suit after seeing them on magazines where they claim that it helps to promote sweat.

I didn't know where to buy them at first until Estee told me that they are available in Daiso.

Hello Kitty sweets!

There are three flavours, Strawberry, Milk and Banana. It is said that they used milk from Hokkaido to make these sweets on the package.

I've tried the Milk flavour and Strawberry flavour so far and I still prefer the Strawberry one. I don't really like Milk flavoured sweets at the first place you see... But they weren't that bad.

And that's it for now. I'll post up another post tomorrow since we have 1 day holiday tomorrow! \(^^)/

Also, I'm now now blogging at Estee's house so she's actually giving me pressure by looking at everything I'm typing (> <)

See you then!


  1. QwiEe Qumiko- EH?! Such coincidence!

  2. sorry sorry~ i accidentally deleted tat comment =(

  3. I love how natural your make up looks! Tokyo street looks so amazing!The crepes look so delicious!

  4. Jenny- I guess it looks natural in photo? Because when people look at me, they were always staring at my eyes! ( > <)