August 30, 2011

Shopping day for three of us~


Yesterday I went out with Angel and Ky Li (or Sasure who won my first giveaway!). They arrived late so in the end I waited for them for around 2 hours...

Camwhoring down the escalator! \(^^)/ Success!

Outfit of the day~

I always have non-matching shoes... Somehow I still can't find a pair that I like that is affordable... (- -;)

Anyways, we went to several places, but we didn't take many photos. ( > <) Most places were crowded as the Hari Raya festival approaches so there were crowds doing last-minute shopping that day.

I had 'Bahkuteh' bun and a Watermelon with sago dessert for lunch. (^^) It was refreshing after walking in the heat...

I bought some stuff but I'll show them in another post. Hehe.

Recently I've been shopping around shopping malls in Bukit Bintang like Sungei Wang, Fahrenheit 88 and Pavillion quite frequently. But I find that fashion in Sungei Wang is so outdated now and the stuff there aren't as nice anymore... I guess I'll just stick to shopping at other malls with better quality shops around that area. Well, I actually find Fahrenheit 88 really nice since there are lots of Japanese style inspired stuff there. Hehe. (^^;)

One last camwhore picture for the day.

My skin isn't in good condition lately. I'm getting lots of oil pores and it's super annoying. Also, today I just got an eye infection (- -). I'm suspecting that it's Pink Eye or Conjuntivitis but I can't be sure yet. I wanted to go and check but I guess most clinics are closed due to the Hari Raya festival.

But I've got a few interesting posts lined up so I'll still keep my blog updated. (^^)

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers! (^^)

That's it for now,



  1. I have huge pores problems too! T^T Anyway it is really hard to find good n matching shoes in malaysia. thats why i am always wearing my slippers ==

  2. $moke ♔- Shoes are usually either cheap but ugly or expensive but nice... (- -)

  3. Well, shoes are a big problem u.u
    Gosh o.o I hope that your eyes get better soon .-. If were conjuntivitis you will have to stop with the make ups, and circles :/

  4. Camila Sousa- I hope so too... It's slightly better now but it's still itchy. I can't rub it either as I'm afraid of spreading it to my other eye. (> <)

  5. DD: When I had that, it was only in one eye, just avoid makeup and rubbing. If continue go to a doctor he will probably give you a collyrium for infection and in one week you eye will be fine :) But really avoid makeup if it be a virus or something like that you will have to throw all your eye makeup away D:

  6. Camila Sousa- Eh?! Throw my eye make up away?! I hope that doesn't happen!!! (> <) Please heal soon my eye!!!