August 20, 2011

Questions answered!


So my camera's memory card problem is still not solved yet which means I cannot post up any tutorials at the moment. So sorry!

In my giveaway form, I have included a space where you can ask me any questions so today I'm going to answer them! If you haven't enter my first giveaway, please do so!

So let's start with the questions!

severus love: ur skincare routineeeeeeee!!!! do you ever HAVE blesmish or flaw??
ur skin so perfect~~

I'm actually pretty lazy with that. Most of the time I only wash my face and that's it. Occasionally I'll apply scrub, toner and mosturizer. I guess I'm lucky because I don't really have pimples. But my biggest problems are oil pores and black heads.

Evie: Why did you start to like reading japanese magazines?!
I find them cute? I rememebered I was going through the pop culture styles in Japan and I stumbled across Ageha magazine scans. I fell in love immediately. Although I don't read Ageha anymore but from there I discovered more japanese magazines. My favourite one right now is Popteen.

broken angel: what's your fav clothing brand?
I don't own much branded clothes but my favourite Gyaru brands are Ank Rouge, Cecil Mcbee and Liz Lisa

Ljusia: How are you sou pretty? ;--;
I'm not that pretty, haha. Partially because I was born with decent facial parts and lots of hard work in make up, hair and fashion.

Sweetshenanigans: What's your favorite bb cream?
I have only used Elianto's BB cream so far but I don't really like it. I've tested Skin 79's BB cream before and I love the tone of that BB cream. Would try that when I finish my current one. (^^)

Lina Kim ♥: what's your favorite type of blog?

I love blogs that has beautiful pictures or with interesting information.

Angel: What is your favorite color?
Pink and Red! White is not considered as a colour but I like it too. (^^) So you see my blog layout is mostly made up of my favourite colour... Hehe...

QwiEe Qumiko: "I just want to ask.. do you know chinese? or japanese?? haha

AND... I want that Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue !!!"

I know Chinese! I'm not very good in it but it's still ok... I stopped learning it when I was 10. As for Japanese, I have not taken any classes before. I am self studying it.

Rachel Villanueva: any tips on taking care of wash & wear hair? :)
Wear hair? (O~O)??

My tip for washing hair is to wash it under cold water as it helps to ensure better blood circulation and to close up the hair follicles for shinier hair. (^^)

Kimi x Kimi: How is your cosplay progress coming along? I hope well!
It's coming along quite well! I have found where to get the wigs and have decided on the contact lens as well. I only need to wait till the tailor is free to accept my costume commission and to get the materials for the prop. (^^)v

Edith: How long did it take for you to become a gyaru? + I like your giveaway prizes.
Thanks for liking the prizes! \(^^)/

I'm not fully Gyaru yet but judging from how I look so far it has been 2 years since I started to learn make up by myself. It started from simple eyelining, false eyelashes, contact lens, foundation, hair then fashion.

PockyLove13: What is your favorite style to wear?

My favourite styles are sweet-cute style, blogger style, casual style and anime inspired style. Sometimes I try out different styles when I feel like it. Hehe

Oreo: What does your family think of you wearing a lot of make up and trying Japanese/gyaru style? Just wondering since some people's families don't like it. Interesting question! My parents don't really mind. They only complain things like 'What if your relatives see you like this?'. But I don't really care. Haha... Sometimes even my brother (he's 8) comments on how I looked and it helps me to improve myself. (^^)

Feezah: What do you think about ganguro style? :p

Personally I don't get why people liked it. (- -) They look weird and scary to me...

jessnghc: what is your fave makeup products?
False eyelashes, Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner, M.A.C eyeshadows, Candy Doll~

Ok, done! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers just as I enjoyed answering them. Hehe.

Somehow I enjoyed being questioned... Maybe it's because I'm #foreveralone so being able to connect with my blog readers makes me feel good. (^^;)

If you haven't join the giveaway yet, please join!


And if you have any questions to ask me please leave them in the comment section below! Will gather them together and answer them in a seperate post!

That's it for now, Bye~!


  1. I think that Rachel means wig :) Anyway cant wait for your cosplay! We are both malaysian. ^^

  2. awe thanks for answering all these Question~and mine as well, heheh. and oh craaap. I have problem with my digicam sd memo card too! the adapter was broken when I tried to pull it off from my stupid flashdisk. so I went out to buy a new SD just yesterday = =...

  3. $moke- Ah... What cosplay will you be doing? :D

    Lina Kim ♥- It's pretty annoying eh... I still haven't got the time to get a new one yet...

  4. Thank you so much for anwering my question, i really looked forword to know you're answer.
    Thank you ^-^.

  5. my question : how many gal makeup do you have? Can i know the brand?

  6. Thank you for answering my question :) I love Liz Lisa but I don't own anything from them. ; ~ ; I'm hoping that they'll expand internationally.