August 13, 2011

Happie nuts inspired look


First off, I'm sorry for not blogging for days. m(_ _)m Have been busy lately with homework. I fell sick yesterday too. But it's alright now so I'm back to blogging too. (^^)v

I'm getting the stuff for the giveaway done soon. I only need the pictures now. Are you excited yet?! \(^w^)/ I'm going to be giving out stuff that I love! But of course, they are new.

Back to the topic of this post...

The other day I read Eki's post on her take on Sayoko Ozaki's make up. Sayoko's a model from the magazine 'happie nuts' which features styles that are more mature. Eki's post interested me so I decided to browse through the scans.

I tried my best to achieve the look. It's fun to do so but I don't really think that it's my style. I like cute style better. Hehehe... Anyways, I'm going to show you my try on the eyemake. (^^)

Let's start!

Ok, there are two colours that I used for this look which I don't think you can find in stores anymore. But I think you can find similar colours too.

Apply B in the marked area.

Next, apply A up to your crease then blend it outwards.

Using Espresso by M.A.C, apply on the outer V. Concentrate on the outer corner then blend it into your eyelid.

For the bottom eye area, mix A and B then apply on the marked area.

This is to help darkening the eyemake. At this point, you might look like you haven't slept for months... Or maybe that's just me... (- -;)

Line your eyes. For the top, I extended it outwards since I want to create a longer eye illusion. For the bottom, line half of it with a pencil eyeliner. I also lined the waterline.

Next is to apply eyelash.

For the top eyelash, I combined Daiso Voluminous Type No.11 and Daiso Half Type No.13. In my opinion, they make a good pairing!

As for the bottom lash, I used Canmake No.13. Then I thought that the outer corner needed more volume so I added Dolly Wink No.8. I used one of the four strand one.

Apply blush, lipstick and lipgloss.

For blush, you want the colour to be on the sides as that will give you a more mature feel. For lipstick, I used Myth by M.A.C and for lipgloss, Instant Gold by M.A.C

And that's it for this post!

What do you think of this look? Let me know!

Will see you soon,



  1. I like your make up. very cute

  2. I really do love how it looks on u

  3. Yumii- Thank you~ (^w^)

    Pamelicious- Really? Thank you!

  4. I love this look on you! Very easy to follow, but the results are so dramatic, I love it. Thank you for sharing this with us! :D

  5. katie- Glad you found it so!!!

  6. It's pretty cute! :D

    You made me renember kana nishino hahahah XD

    thanks for posting this! ^^

  7. You are really good with the different types of gyaru makeup! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  8. ELEAN♥R- Nah, I'm just experimenting them. There's still a lot to learn...

  9. Akiko- Eh? It's my first time knowing so...

  10. Ohh! I love your make up! I see the post of Eki too! I love the Sayoko´s make up!

  11. CupcakeChisa- Thank you! I love Sayoko's make up too!

  12. super cute blog ! ♥ I like your makeup tutorials and your hair, wish I had a hair that beautiful (ノ´∀` )ノ

  13. FWAH!!

    I think you look super nice with this makeup!

    Very matured compared to your usual look.


  14. This eyemakeup does look more mature~
    It looks really good on you :D

  15. Emma ♥ Maria- Aww... Thanks! My hair isn't that great though... It's quite dry at the ends... (> <)

    M.May- Yup! I really like this make up! I couldn't stop staring into the mirror. Lol!

    TirilM- Thank you! :)

    Omnom Neko- You should try it out too! :D