August 31, 2011

2011 Gyaru Autumn Trends


Autumn is coming soon so it's time to switch from Summer fashion trends to Autumn fashion trends!

September issue of Popteen has showed some key points for this Autumn. I find that this Autumn will be more focused on retro and passive colours. ( 'w') And before I translate some of the scans I would like to point out that my translations are not perfect, I only wanted to share it with my readers. (^^)

Basically, for the first part, the scans have already self explained the trends. But in case you still don't understand I'll still translate the keywords. (^^)v

So let's start!

1. Blouse

2. Pleated skirt

3. Tailored collar

4. Retro prints

5. Grandpa pants

6. Suspender

7. Leather shorts

8. Wave hem shorts

9. Autumn puffy shorts

10. Retro colours

11. Flying squirrel style

12. Long cardigan

13. Turtle neck

14. Corduroy

15. Fringe

16. Velour

17. Loosely drape clothing

18. Sectioned fur

19. Leopard print

20. Neon colour

21. Sun tan style

22. Platform heels

23. Collar

24. Blogger hat

25. Bag with a front flap with buckles

26. One point deka long necklace

27. Colour tights

The next section introduces items to buy for Autumn according to the season change. Here, I'm going to summarise the important points. (^^)

For the start of Autumn,

- Checkered prints

This Autumn's trends focuses on British x Retro Trad Style. For Autumn, passive colours and big checkered prints are prefered.

- Tops

Tops made of chiffon material or with knitted details and are light-weighted.

- Accessories

Since Autumn trend is focused on Retro style, red, blue, beige, bold colours, navy colours, camel colour would bring out this season's trend.

As for mid-Autumn,

- One piece

Cooling materials with bold colours, khaki etc. are Autumn trend's picks!

And when it gets cooler,

- Light-weight outers

Knitted outers, jackets or trench coats from Summer trend are brought to Autumn trend with a slight change in terms of design.

- Warm materials

Autumn marks the beginning of knitted, fur and wool items. Leopard prints are still in trend too!

And those are my selections from September issue of Popteen which I thought would be useful to share. I hope you understood and if you have any questions, please leave them under the comments section!

My eye infection is getting better now. It still itches every now and then but the pinkish layer is not really visible now. (^^) I hope it heals soon!

Also, I'm halfway done with my new blog layout! Customizing html codes is really challenging! But I'll do my best!

So that's it for now,

See you!


  1. So love Popteen sept 2011 ish. <3

  2. Joanna- I still have another post featuring scans from Popteen September so please check it out when it's posted! (^^)

  3. I love looking at the pictures since i can't read it! I adore fall fashion!

  4. Joey- No problem!

    Jenny- Feel free to ask me if you don't understand. :)

  5. it seems like gyaru trends are becoming more subdued and mature! I liked the youthful and colorful .. more.. kawaii gyaru style that was in a few years back .. :/ is this just a fall trend or has gyaru just generally become more grown up?

  6. Nana- Hmm... I don't think so... There's still lots of girly styles and cute styles in Popteen. Perhaps it's just the Autumn trend?