July 1, 2011

Saramari's FHF feature + Canteen Day 2011

UPDATE: I've uploaded the video below so just scroll down to watch it. (^^)

Hello again!

I'm super tired now all thanks to Canteen Day. I'm going to tell you about the canteen day at my school but before that, I need to tell you that I am featured in Saramari's Fashion Hime Friday post yesterday! \(^^)/

Click the link below to read it!

I sent the entry quite long ago so the pictures there are actually from long time ago... (Well, FHF is only on Friday) And I felt that I should've answered the questions better. (^^;)

So... I was thinking if you would want me to answer them here with a much elaborated answer. If you want to read them, do tell me in the comments section! (^^)

So for yesterday's Canteen Day I got up at 4.30am to style my hair and wear the yukata. No make up because it's a school event.

I felt so stupid because I wore my yukata wrongly at first so I had to change it. And I sweat. And my hair went flat. And there goes my 1 hour of sleep for hair curling. (; ;)

United Kingdom was our cafe's name. We put 'United' because we have various food from various countries and 'Kingdom' because our class is 4K so we wanted the K to be there.

One of the posters I made. I only did the border by the way.

A menu of the stuff we're selling.

Here's how the cafe looks like. It's not very special but at least it's spacious and the food are nice here. We purposely made the room yellowy green.

We also had this mini game in the cafe where the customers have to guess the flags around the room correctly to win a free cupcake.

Some of the food that we sold in the cafe. I made those Sushi!

I stayed up till midnight rolling those Sushi. But at least my friend told me that it was nice so I'm happy to hear that. (^^)v

Here are Carynn's cupcakes. They were awesome!

They are not too sweet like those that you normally see with multiple colours. Although the design is quite plain but I think it's the taste that matters!

Next is the cafe which Angel and Ky Li's class are organizing. It'a a haunted cafe.

Ok, let me tell you this. At first both classes planned to combine and organize a haunted house and a haunted cafe. However the haunted house propasal was rejected resulting both classes had to combine to organize a haunted cafe. But my class wasn't willing to co-operate as the idea of a haunted theme was initially ours.

So in the end both classes split up and they took our idea and did it instead. Well, actually they were forced to do it.

Here's the interior of their cafe.

Ky Li was one of their 'ghost'. I actually drew a picture of this idea for the haunted house... #ideastolen

A photo of Ky Li and her 'boyfriend'. Hahaha~

So what else was there around the school?

There were many other stalls and game booths. And also a shabu shabu restaurant!

I didn't have shabu shabu since I'm not s fan of it but I went in and chat with my friends. Hehe.

Also, there was a mini night club organized by the form 5s. I heard they were selling cocktail? But I didn't go in since it's really dark in there...

And finally, a photo of me in my yukata. You get to see my face without make up here. (^^;)

And here's Jessie in her yukata.

And the petite maid, Ally!

And that's it for now. I will update this post with more pictures from my friends soon. And with the video too.

And don't forget, tell me whether you want me to answer Saramari's questions here in a more elaborated answer.

Good night!


  1. congrats ! I've sent my entry last month, idk when it will be featured in sara mari's blog -.- oh, your canteen day looks fun to me ! Your sushi look tasty and i love the idea of haunted cafe ! I lol at the pontianak xD

  2. Maii- I hope yours will be feature soon too. (^^) The pontianak fingers are actually french fries! Haha

  3. This looked like so much fun! I hate it so much when you put so much effort in your hair and 1 hr its like dead. Even with hairspray -___- Damn you super straight hair. I always find when there is a super fun event, girls stay up and wake up early to put so much effort into it.
    Gratz you were featured! Your pics are so cute! ^^

  4. kuumelon- I hate it too! Can't wait till I graduate to do something to my hair. Haha!

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  7. Nice blog you have, I'm your new reader ^^ Super cute yukatas!!

  8. Kati カティ- Thank you!!!