July 19, 2011

My Favourite AKB48 Members!!!

Hello again!

Have you heard of AKB48? They are super popular in Japan! I love AKB48~~~

In case you haven't heard of them or you want to know more about them, here's a video on 'What is AKB48'.

They're so cute, aren't they? (>w<)

I knew of AKB48 sometime ago but didn't bother to know more about them until I watched their drama, Majisuka Gakuen. It's about a Yankee school. I really love that drama and since then I started liking them so much! So now I'm going to list out my favourite members! (In no particular order)

Atsuko Maeda / Acchan
Team A
Senbatsu position: 1

Who doesn't know her? She's like the face of AKB48!

She's naturally cute and has a cheerful personality.

Oshima Yuko / Yuko
Team K
Senbatsu position: 2

At first I didn't pay any attention to her, even in their PV, Heavy Rotation. Until I watched Majisuka Gakuen and her words in that drama made me cry, only I started to like her. If you have watched AKBingo (AKB48's variety show), you'll see that she is those types who dares to play around even if she's an idol.

Watanabe Mayu / Mayuyu
Team B
Senbatsu position: 5

I guess she's one of the first ones who caught my attention when I saw AKB48's pictures in magazines. It's easy to recognise her with her signature fringe and her twin tails. (^^)

Takahashi Minami / Takamina
Team A (Leader)
Senbatsu position: 7

She's funny too, just like Yuko. I remember watching this episode of AKBingo and she actually ate food from other's plates during her punishment game! I don't know why but they like to pull pranks on her... But I still like her.

Matsui Rena
Team S
Senbatsu position: 10

She's from SKE48. She actually left an impression on me when she acted as Gekikara in Majisuka Gakuen. Gekikara laughs all the time while hurting others. I know it's weird, but somehow that laugh makes people remember her character. She's actually a sweet girl when she's not acting as Gekikara. (^^)

Miyazawa Sae
Team K
Senbatsu position: 11

Also because of Majisuka Gakuen that I came to know of her. She's tomboyish but she still remains cute. A different personality from the rest of the AKB48 Senbatsu girls? Maybe that's how she gets the attention. Hehe

Akimoto Sayaka
Team K (Leader)
Senbatsu position: 17

She's a mix of Japanese and Filipino. She has a goofy personality! Although some said that she gets nervous during performance which caused her senbatsu position to drop, I think she is funny and eye-catching for variety shows and PVs.

And those are my favourite members of AKB48! Perhaps you might be wondering why some of the senbatsu members aren't my favourite... that's because they either don't appeal to be or I somehow lost interest to them.

For example, Itano Tomomi...

I used to like her a lot when I saw her pictures. But then when I heard her songs, I felt like her voice was quite weird and I didn't like the style of her song. She is gorgeous, of course, but I guess personality and voice does matter too?

Those are just my opinion. So who are your favourite AKB48 members? Tell me about it! Hehe

See you~!


  1. i'm not AKB48 fans, but i love the first one ! is she kumiko funayama besrfriend?

  2. Ahh Majisuka Gauken! That's what made me notice AKB48~ Yuko and Sae are my favorites due to that show as well! Also as is Mariko (I never get sad, but when she started crying for Yuko... damn it!)

  3. Maii- There is a picture of her and Kumicky, but I can't be sure.

    Naomi- I'm so happy to know someone else who watched the drama too! I love Sae's character in season 1 as Gakuran but I don't really like Youran in season 2 > <
    I cried too at that part!

  4. I love AKB48 ♥

    Few weeks ago they appear in portuguese TV, was so happy to see them > <

    Neko~chan do u like perfume? you know who they are rigth? ^^

  5. Akiko- I have heard of Perfume, but I've never listened to their songs.

  6. I love atsuko the most~
    Until my friend told me most of them did AV pornography~
    I was like... =(
    I know it is normal for japanese to do so and they gain the highest respectation in this job but that just somehow ruin them =(

  7. Jace- Well... Many japanese idols do that. But I guess if you only look at their good side, it's fine...?

  8. neko, you should REALLY heard some of perfume songs, they are awesome, theire voice's so kawaii ^^

  9. Akiko- Hmm... Any recommends?

  10. I love AKB48 too!
    Majisuka Gakuen made me notice AKB48 too!
    My favourite member is Mayu :3
    For SKE48 is Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena

    Well..actually I am a DD (DaremoDaisuki) LOL