July 31, 2011

Mori girl inspired hairstyle~!


Well, recently I've been playing with my new hair straightener that my friends gave me as an early birthday present.

Straightener is not just for straightening hair, it can also be used as a curler!

I'm not wearing a wig, it's my real hair! I made it really puffy like cotton candy~ Haha!

This style was inspired by Mori girls (Forest girls). They always have airy curls or super puffy curls! It's a very cute style!

It's really dolly like, isn't it? So now I'm going to show you how to curl your hair into this!

So here you see how my hair is like before styling. I only brushed my hair to get rid of the tangles.

Hair straightener to the rescue!

This straightener heats up really fast to 180-200 degree Celsius!

First straighten your hair. This is to heat it up before curling.

Next is to curl your hair with the straightener. What you do is you flip is 180 degrees inwards or outwards. Flipping inwards creates curls that curl outwards while flipping outwards creates curls that curl inwards.

I find that the more times you repeat the curling, the smaller the curl gets. Just remember to curl it in the same direction as before!

It's more time consuming for healthy hair to curl it this way. I would suggest you to use a small diameter curler (about 19cm) to create the same effect.

Continue curling the rest of your hair in this manner, Outwards -> Inwards -> Outwards and so on.

When you're done curling, separate the curls by running your finger through them. This will give more volume to the hair.

Lastly, tease it a little bit with your fingers.

Keep continuing this process until you reach the top. Spray to set your hair if you wish to.

And that's it!

Have fun with your cotton candy like hair! (^w~)

Eyemake for this look.

Since it's Mori girls inspired, I tried to keep it as forest girl like.

I used warm tones for this look and also a brown eyeliner to keep it as natural as possible. I didn't wing the ends of the eyeliner that much since I wanted a round eyes look. Even my mascara was brownish!

Top lash - Daiso Cross Type No.3

I love this eyelash as it has a slight brownish tone on it so it helps creating a natural look.

What do you think of this eyemake? Do request for a tutorial if you think it's nice~ (^^)

And that's it for today!

Good Night!


  1. Such puffy puffy hair ^o^ So cute! My hair doesn't do that even if I want it too! But it does hold curls very well, just not the ways I want it too ;A; You should make more tutorials! I'm sure this was helpful to girls who want to curl their hair with their straighteners!

  2. i love your hair, its gorgeous! :)

  3. wow, puffy hair suits you so well ! I love it !

  4. キャセデイ姫- Hehe! My hair doesn't hold curls that well so I have to rely on hairspray or styling mist. But because this straightener reaches 180-200 degrees Celsius, it makes the curls last long. However, it is not advisable to use it frequently as high temperature will damage your hair!

    Susanne- Thank you~!

    Maii- You think so? (^^) I rarely make my hair this puffy as it takes ages to detangle it. (> <)

    ELEAN♥R- Thank you!!

  5. love dat hair n____n so puffy and cute! i love your makeup too :)

    xoxo, -naomi

  6. -naomi- Thank you! It's a different eyemake from usual, glad you like it. (^^)

  7. WOW! your hair looks so amazing!!><
    I have to practice so I can do this!<3


  8. EmixLea- Good Luck! Ganbatte!

  9. Looks like tsubasa's hair here!


    I shall attempt this hair next time! Hope my hair is long enough! T-T

  10. I will definitely do my best!<3


  11. it suits you very well! ur so kawaii :D

  12. Vernice!- Eh? But I think Tsubasa's hairstyles are much prettier!

    EmixLea- Yay~~!

    Akiko- Thank you. X3

  13. Your hair looks so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial! I want to try it.

  14. Akiko- Not really... The only group I like is KARA...

  15. How you do your fringe like tht?? ><


    Nice puffy hair~~
    is it oso works if the hair is thin?

  16. 千夏のリン- I curled it with the straightener (^^) I think it'll work on thin hair too. Just alternate the curls in thin strands then loosen them up by running you fingers through them. If they're not puffy enough, you can try to tease them with your fingers. (^^) Hope that helped.