July 8, 2011

Mini Vintage Photoshoot

I guess by the time you read this, I am already at the countryside enjoying myself. But I wanted to fill the gap with something so this is actually a scheduled post. I will try to blog when I'm there, if possible.

This was a mini photoshoot when Angel came to my house long time ago. I know it's overdue and she has been asking me to get the photos done soon but I was so occupied with school work. (> <)

I've labelled the photos with numbers so feel free to comment on them (^^)v








And that's it. I hope you liked them. (^^) Do leave me with comments as I will still read them from my phone. Hehe

Also, thank you so much for asking me questions on Formspring if you did! I love answering them! Keep 'em coming!


  1. I like this photoshoot ´∀`

  2. Awww how a cute photoshoot~ ;v;
    Love <3

  3. Awh, both of you look so adorable ^_^
    Love this blog :D

  4. I loveloveLOVE photos #1 & #3! They look really amazing.. #1 reminds me of like a fairy tale.. and you're enticing me into it :O
    #3 is amazing as well.. it's very .. innocent? Like a childhood~ >.<

  5. Fanny- Thank you!

    Lizzie ♥- Aww, thanks~

    Miyu- Hehe (^^)

    TirilM- Love you for loving this blog. Haha!

    Jen- You think so? Haha! Thanks! For me, I like #1 and #5. Hehe

  6. Marjolein Hoekendijk- Thank you!

    *JacQueliNe*- Thank you! (^^)v