July 26, 2011

Mini Cosplay Talk + My Cosplay Plans 2011


Do you know what is cosplay?

Cosplay is short for costume play. It means wearing a costume of a character from Anime or a Singer's costume and be like the character when you're in the costume.

Personally, I love cosplay! It's not just about behaving like a certain character while wearing the costume, it's about the fun and hard work you spent while saving money and making the costumes or props.

It might seem to be a waste of time and money for some, but when you try to do something by yourself and achieve results, you will feel much joyfulness. Well, everyone has their own interest right? (^^)

As for me, I started cosplaying since year 2009.

Here's my first cosplay. I felt reluctant to post it up but oh well...

I looked so weird in photos. (> <) I didn't even expect people to be taking my photos.

I was cosplaying as Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star. Initially I wanted to cosplay as Konata, but being a first timer in cosplaying, I didn't know how to find the suitable wig for the cosplay and came up with this last minute character change.

I have long black hair so I only needed a pair of glasses. Hehe (^^;)

Although is wasn't very good, but I might just cosplay her again? Since I want to perfect my first cosplay. Ahaha...

Here's my second cosplay as Kiyal Bachika from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I have improved a lot from the previous cosplay, I think. It took me a long time to collect each pieces of this cosplay slowly and I also DIYed some items. You can see them here:

DIY process of Kiyal's Belt and Hair Clip
Cutting the wig

I don't see many people cosplaying Kiyal but she's really cute! Although she only has a minor role in the series, I think her character looks cuter than most girl characters? Haha!

This year will be my third year cosplaying! After confirming it with my mom, I can finally reveal my cosplay plans for Comic Fiesta 2011(CF for short)! \(^^)/

My first cosplay plan for CF will be The Legendary A Girl --- Konata Izumi!!!!!

I'm super excited about this cosplay because I can finally get the wig and to cosplay my all time favourite anime character! Although, I need to dye the wig a bit just like I mentioned before, I'm stil very excited to cosplay as Konata!

I'm going to be happily walking around the venue that day and take pictures of cosplayer. (^^) I don't usually buy doujins like her but I enjoy taking pictures of cosplayer.

For my second cosplay it will be Vita from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha!!!

I'm MEGA excited for this cosplay! I am finally going to try something more complicated this time.

I absolutely love Vita's personality in the anime. She's a Tsundere type that has strong determination and is a good teacher too. I know, she looks small but she really has those qualities.

This cosplay will cost me a lot of money. But I think it'll be worth it as I am not planning for a new cosplay next year. Hehe... (^^;) My estimation right now is that this cosplay is going to cost me around RM650+?

So do you cosplay? If yes, which is your favourite cosplay so far and which cosplay do you wish to do?

Do tell me in the comments section! I want to meet more cosplayers and we can all share tips and experience with each other! \(^^)/

Well then,



  1. :D I'm glad to find a fellow cosplayer. I live in HK, and there will be an Anime Convention in 2 days!! I plan to go as Akiyama Mio from K-On, Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid and Kirino from OreImo <3
    Hope to see more of your cosplaying pictures soon!

  2. Bella- Anime convention in HK! I've never seen pictures of it, but I think it'll be fun too. (^^) Mio-chan and Miku are really cute! Sorry, but I don't know about Orelmo (> <)

  3. Hi! I'm also a cosplayer :D My first time cosplaying was really BAD. My makeup was horrible, My wig didn't look good on me and it was long and it tangles easily :( But after that, I researched more to improve it and so I found a really good online shop that sells good wigs and was recommended by a lot of people. I finally found a good wig :D
    Based on my experience, don't rush a costume because it might not turn out well. unless you're already pro :). btw if you're still looking for an online wig shop with high quality wigs try this one: http://sephinxi.multiply.com/
    the prices are in Php but you can ask the shop owner for the RM price. He is very friendly and can recommend you wigs for the character you're cosplaying :)

  4. Mayuchan- Hello! I do get help from forums and websites. They are always useful! Comic Fiesta in Malaysia is in December, so I still have four months to work on the cosplay. (^^) I have already found the wig. Well, basically, I have everything planned already since I tend to look for sources here and there when I'm free. Hehe. (^^)v

  5. Ahhhhh you looked really cute as Kiyal! Looking forward to your Konata! <3

  6. I think i just repeated my last comment. Sorry, i'm new to commenting I thought my last comment was deleted :O

  7. ELEAN♥R- Thank you! But I only got one decent picture of that cosplay. Haha! I'm excited about Konata's cosplay too!

  8. Mayuchan- Ah, that's okay since I moderate the comments. (^^)

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing thise lovely pictures!!!! You look so lovely on allmofmthem, but it clearly shows that you felt much more comfortable on your second cosplay trip. Very curious what is about to come!
    I'd like to be Rikku from FF X-2, but I would have to be starving thin for that, so I don't think I can do it now. (−_−;)

  10. Natalis Neumann- Nah, I looked silly in my first cosplay. :P

  11. I cosplayed as Tsuna from hitman reborn, and azusa nakano default from k-on, going to do yui yukata version soon, and also hatsune miku :D and zatsune miku this year :D Singaporean here~

  12. sharmine- You mean crossplay Tsuna? I love k-on girls, they are so cute! I had a little thought on cosplaying them too but I'm not sure yet. Hehe. Hatsune Miku is a really popular character to cosplay eh... We have a lot of Hatsune Mikus every event here in Malaysia. (^^)

  13. I just found your blog! I love the tutorials... and cosplay stuff... it just appeared on google and so I clicked on it >.<

    I'm really into Lolita, do you have any hairstyles you think I can do with Sweet Lolita? Even with thicker hair?

  14. prissyobsessions- Hmm... Although I know some stuff about lolita, I don't really look into the style very much. You can always download some magazine scans from this Livejournal community:

    I would reccomend you to download magazines like KERA and Gothic and Lolita Bible.

    Hope it helped!

  15. you were really cute!!(≧◡≦) i will cosplay as zatsune miku this year... look forward to your konata cosplay.. ^.^