July 20, 2011

Hair tips! 元気が出る'髪の悩み'相談室!


Today I'm going to share some hair caring and styling from Popteen July 2011. It's been quite some time since I last translated something from Popteen. Feel free to request! (^^)v

I'm just translating the main stuff that they said. The detailed explanation are shown in the pictures. It's quite easy to understand. Hehe

Problem with unruly hair

Q1 Somehow I can't straighten my unruly hair...

A Separate hair into small sections and straighten them with a hot iron!

A Before using a hot iron to straighten your hair, spray it with a hair mist for straight hair use!

Q2 I don't want to see my hair 'flying' towards many directions!

A Blow your hair inwards starting from the hair roots!

A Do an airy inwards curled and outwards curled hairstyle!

Q3 I don't want my hairstyle to be ruined on a wet day!

A Fix it with a Hair braid x Hair Bun hairstyle!

A Try a loose up do hairstyle!

Q4 I pin my fringe up when I put on make up. But when I remove the pin, my fringe looks messy!

A Use a hair Velcro!

Q5 There's a bump in my hair as soon as I remove the hair tie...

A To lessen the bump, use a nylon hair tie instead of a thicker hair tie!

Q6 I have thick and unruly hair. When I wake up, it looks really messy!

A Don't leave your hair down. Twist it and clip it up at the crown of your head or tie them into hair braids before you sleep. Tying hair braids before you sleep leaves you with a web curl hairstyle the next morning!

Problems with hair parting

Q7 What should I do if I want to change the parting of my fringe?

A Section your fringe into two parts then blow your hair to the direction you want and straighten them. Fix it with hair wax.

Q8 Hair looks baldy at the hair parting point...

A Overlay it with another section of hair. It also creates an effect where the hair is lifted up.

Q9 I have thick hair so it's quite hard to change the parting of my hair...

A When you part your hair, blow it with a hair dryer from the hair roots.

Problems with hair styling

Q10 My hair becomes straight soon after curling. Please teach me how to keep the curls!

A Straighten hair before curling!

A After curling your hair, pin each curls then spray them to fix it!

Q11 When I hook my hair behind my ear, it drops almost immediately...

A Twist that section of your hair and bring it behind your ear. Then, pin it behind your hair.

Q12 I have little hair on my hair crown so it makes my hair looks flat...

A Use a curler to give it more volume!

A Pin a small section of your hair up then spray it to fix it!

Q13 Hairstyle for thick hair?

A An easy side ponytail hairstyle!

Q14 My bangs are not long enough for styling!

A Separate bangs into two section the curl them outwards for a mature look!

Q15 When I do up do, there is hair falling behind. How can I make it look neater?

A Smooth the hair while spraying it with a hairspray to fix it!

Problems regarding hair care

Q16 Is there any way to treat hair breakage and split ends?

A It's better to cut them off before any hair care.

Q17 Dealing with oily hair...

A Concentrate on the hair roots during hair treatments!

A Wipe your forehead with an oil blotting paper!

Q18 Hair becomes dry easily...

A Use hair oil if it becomes frizzy!

Q19 I wash my teased hair and it becomes worst!

A Before shampooing your hair, apply conditioner to it first!

Q20 Recommended hair care products which you can get at stores?

A Loreal's hair oil is cheap and useful!

A Ma Cherie by Shiseido as a nice fragrance and it's elegant!

And that concludes the twenty questions about hair care featured in Popteen July 2011!

Please credit me if you are going to post it somewhere else! It took me a long time translating! (^ ~)v

I hope you have learnt some tips on hair care too. I felt that it was really useful for girls especially. Everyone wants nice hair, right? (^^)

And that's it for now. See you soon~!


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