July 24, 2011

Dusk, The Golden Hour


If you have read a little bit on photography, you would know that one of the best timing for photographs to be taken is at dusk. Hence, it is called The Golden Hour.

While I was on my way back during my last trip, I had the chance to watch the sun set from the bus so I thought I should snap a few pictures. (^^)

Recently I've been very interested in taking good pictures. I get tips mostly online and I only have a normal digicam.

It's quite challenging but I like it. (^^) Sometimes it's not about the camera, it's about the photographer, don't you think so?

But I would like to invest in a DSLR in the future too. It looks really fun to be able to take pictures with so many effects.

Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing those pictures. Please leave a comment below. (^w~)



  1. Good pictures! :D

    I like to take pictures too... ^^

  2. I want a DSLR myself ;A; My dad has 3 or so (he bought one just for his trip to Paris!) and I've been trying to beg one off of him. If I can, I want to have DSLR sometime in the future! They take such nice pictures.

  3. Akiko- Thanks! It's fun to take pictures! :D

    キャセデイ姫- Three DSLR!! O_O I hope you get one soon! X3