July 24, 2011

Day out with my classmates! + Today's buys!


Today I had a fun day today with Ally, Jessie and Carynn!

Outfit of the day.

Decided to wear this onepiece for the first time. I added a vest so that the puffiness of the onepiece doesn't make me look so fat. (> <)

Before meeting Ally, I went to Sungei Wang to get some new stuff and to buy things for the upcoming GIVEAWAY!

It was a rainy day today so my make up melted a bit and my hair was in a mess. (> <) We had to walk from Fahrenheit 88 to Pavilion in the rain.

Later, we decided to get food at Beard Papa. I got a coronet! I love this better than the cream puff. Haha!

Trying out a floral shirt at Cotton On. I'm starting to love this brand! The picture is blur but I like this pic.

Here's Ally trying out a headband with a fringe wig. It's so funny to see an item like this!

Finally met up with Jessie and Carynn. Here's a picture with Jessie. You can see how short I am. (; ;)

Mostly we just walked around and did window shopping since we can't really buy much things in Pavilion as the shops are all branded shops...

We also saw that there will be a 'Tokyo Street' opening soon. I want to go there already!

Had dinner at T.G.I.F. It's my first time there!

'Give me more Friday's' -----> Ask Rebecca Black.

In my opinion, the food there was overpriced and not everything was good. I can have better food at a cheaper price. Maybe people like to have fun there or enjoy the retro interior?

Here are some of the things we ordered... Nachos, Tacos, Risotto and my drink called Strawberry Surprise.

We went home after dinner. So here are what I bought today. You will only see the things that I bought for the giveaway next month. Hehehe. Even my friends didn't get to see them. (^^)

New eyelashes!!!

I'm so crazy with eyelashes. These are all featured in Popteen recently.

Sophie Monk Beauty face mask and Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Wipes.

A necklace which turns colour according to your mood! It came in 'Best' and 'Friends'. I took the 'Friends' one while Ally took the 'Best' one. (^^)v

New pair of sunglasses from Forever 21! It's my first time purchasing sunglasses and my first time buying something from Forever 21! My previous sunglasses didn't give much help in protecting my eyes from the sun so I thought I should get one that can protect my eyes.

Floral top from Cotton On.

Also, today Carynn and Jessie surprised me with a super early birthday present. My birthday is on 31 October but they gave me my present four months earlier?! (O_O)

And it's not just a normal bag...

Inside it was a hair straightener!!!!! I was really surprised to receive such a present! A long time ago I blogged that my hair straightener was broken by my younger brother and since then I haven't got a new one. Till now.

Thank you soooooo much!!! I'm super happy. \(^^)/

Lastly, two camwhore shots before I left home today.

And that's it for now,

See you soon!


  1. oh I sow this hair straightener 2 days ago <3 it's so cute !! *__* I want it !

  2. You are so so so cute!

    And that's so nice of them to give you a new straightener! And it's a really cute one too!

  3. wow, another eyelashes? Haha. I love the necklace ! Where do you bought that? ^^ looking forward for your giveaway ! I want to do giveaway too, but my followers not reach 100 yet, haha xD

  4. thats a really nice straightener!!

  5. Just thought I would mention your birthday is a day after mine!:)
    And those hair straighteners are really lovely, I wasn't expecting them to be inside that bag xD

  6. Pretty!


  7. Awww, you're so cute ♥
    I like much of your outfit & hair! ^^

  8. Chii- Oh! Where did you see it?

    Akiko- Thank you. :3

    キャセデイ姫- Yes! I didn't expect them to give me a straightener too...

    Maii- Yeah, but I'm getting cheap ones now cause I need to save money > < I bought the necklace at Diva in Pavilion.

    Vernice- Yes! Will do a review on that soon!

    KawaiiPandas- So you get the double fun? Birthday and Halloween? Haha

    Joanna- Thank you~

    Meri and Anni- Thank you!!! :D

  9. cheap ones? how much is it? you said all items at daiso is rm 5..sorry, i never been to daiso before that's why i don't know T.T

  10. Maii- Yeah, it's RM5 each. But considering that it was shipped all the way from Japan and the quality is good, it's really worth it.