June 3, 2011

Yukata girl


Today I received my Yukata order from Anju-lian! Do check this post if you haven't read it yet.


What I thought about it:

The service was alright as I had to question them as to why they charged me 2700 yen for the shipping fees when it was stated that the shipping fee is included. Then they told me that they only provide free shipping within Japan. (- -);

Nevertheless, it arrived safely. (^^)

Contents of the box.

Yukata, Obi, Decorative obi, 2 soft ties, collar lace, geta, 2 hair accessories and a guide to wear a yukata.

It's fairly easy to wear a yukata actually. I got it on at my second attempt. I used these tutorials.

Part 1

Part 2

Other obi variation: http://www.somesho.com/kitsuke/10_Yukata/1010_Movie/

Me in my yukata.

Back view. I tied the aoi obi style. I love it so much! Also added the decorative obi and a yellow rose.

I didn't put on the lace collar this time as I forgotten to attach it before wearing. Hehe (^^);

What do you think of it?

Till now I'm still thinking of a suitable hairstyle to match it. I'm planning to do a up-do since it's really hot there but I have no idea what to do with my hair. I can't some hairstyles as my hair is too long... (; ;) But I'm growing it so I don't plan to cut it. Any help?

That's it for now! Any questions please ask me in the comments section.

Arigatou ne~!


  1. that is really cute! both the yukata and the owner are kawaii. hehe...I want to do a kitsuke time with yooou~! that'd be so much fun ^____^

    mwaa..u even get a heko variation? now that's totally adorable >.<~~~*drooling*
    as for your hairstlye. I think it won't be such a problem since u're already cute.haha... mmm maybe curl or wavy hair with a high bun and big lacey ribbon (to match the heko and lace-eri?) naww..pls post mooore pic >.<~ <3

  2. You look gorgeous in the yukata! How much did you get it for? :D

  3. jilliancat- I want something more special... (^^);

    Lina Kim ♥- Hehe. Thanks for the idea! As for the photos... hmm... I'll see to it. :D

    ELEAN♥R- It's 3980 yen for the yukata. Plus the shipping fee, 2700 yen, it's 6680yen.

  4. It looks so cute!!!!! You make me want to buy another one myself ;___;

    I love it~ very jealous~

  5. Mie- I want to see yours! :D

  6. wooow..its so cute en pretty! like the owner..haha
    love the color en design...

    i think u must post another pict..~
    that's really not enough..i wanna see more..:P

  7. OMG! SUPER CUTE!!!! That's pretty cheap for a yukata :]
    Looks really good on you~

    I like a casual hair bun would look cute ^^

  8. baby.xi- Thanks!

    Omnom Neko- I think so too, with 10 items, it's really worth the deal! As for the hairstyle, I want something more special! :D Anyways, thanks for your suggestion!