June 20, 2011

Recent pictures~


I'm sorry for not blogging throughout the weekend. I wanted to post on hair tutorial, but the pictures didn't turn out right so I am going to record a video instead. Are you excited to see a video? (^^)

Anyways, here are some camwhore pictures after my unsuccessful attempt on taking pictures for the tutorials...

Time to cut my fringe. (-o-)

I had to curl it so that my eyes could be seen.

Played with some photoshop actions that I downloaded recently. I love the effect!

So how did you celebrate Father's Day with your father? What gift did you gave him?

For me, we went for lunch at Kenny Rogers because my dad loves it and I crocheted a mug holder for him! (^^) I guess handmade gifts are very heartwarming. Hehe

I guess you can say the relationship between me and my dad is quite close. We do quarrel sometimes when I get too lazy but we are always on the same team when mom starts nagging. Because our personality is almost the same. Haha!

And that's it for today's short post. I'm sorry that I'm not very active in blogging recently as I don't have much time. (; ;) I'll try to find as many interesting stuff to post alright?

Well, that's it for now. See you soon!

Personal message to my computer:

Dear granny computer,

Please work faster so that I can blog faster! (> <;)



  1. Your bangs look good when curled. Look so gyaru. ^ ^

  2. so cuteee...!
    yay...love video tutorial! ^^
    please make video for this tutorial too:


  3. aww you are so cute! + i love your hair and makeup ♥

    xoxo, -naomi

  4. your fringe is kinda cute, I like it. and I can't wait your tuto vids ^^
    and you're lucky to have such a loving and warm family. I skipped 'father's day' without even noticed it. my parents broken up 3 years ago and well~ I'm all alone now.haha...
    it's ok. I'm happy with my life ^^

  5. Sia- You think so? (^^) Thanks!

    SeVeRuSLoVez- I don't think I'll be doing a video tutorial on that! Sorry! m(_ _)m

    -naomi- Thank you! But I still have a lot to learn!

    Lina Kim ♥- I felt sad hearing that... Be strong always, k? (^^)v

    Phony- Thank you!

  6. Weee, I was on google and randomly your blog popped up on my screen x] I kinda got stuck thoo. I really love it, and you are so inspireing :D And your so cute too c: thank you :] Have a nice day ^__^ <3

  7. TirilM- I'm glad you found it interesting! (^^)