June 7, 2011

My Beauty Diary - Pearl Powder Mask Review


Today I finally have the time to try on My Beauty Diary - Pearl Powder Mask that I purrchased some time ago.

I have read many good reviews on this brand and I really wanted to try it out! There are many types of mask, suitable for different skin types and for different purposes. You've got to choose the one that you think will suit you best so take your time to read the descriptions behind the box before deciding!

Pearl Powder Mask claims to whiten and tone your skin!

"Natural Pearl Powder contains many amino acids and microelements combined to penetrate the inner layers of the skin, to moisturize, whiten and restore luster. White mulberry root essence keeps the skin in a fully mosturised condition for a longer duration."

Yay for longer mosturised skin! \(^^)/

"Rich amounts of vitamin B and seaweed combine to form a specially fermented mixture of elements that actively mosturize and beautify the skin. Licorice and lemon ingredients heal and mosturise the skin."

After cleansing my face, I applied the mask for 30 minutes. After removing the mask, massage any remainings into your skin in circular motions.

I can has soft mosturised skin! (^^)

I kept my skin mosturised and oil free for hours! I must say that I really love this mask! As for the whitening, I think it did its purpose! I massaged some of the serum onto the back of one of my hand then compared the skin tone between two backs of my hands and yes! I could see the slight difference! \(^^)/

I'm so happy with the result so I guess I might buy it again next time. Hehe

Also, if you've noticed, I tried adding the block quote function into this post. What do you think? Does it make reading easier?

That's it for now,

See you~!