June 7, 2011

Just Like A Doll


I've finally finished with the editing of 'Just Like A Doll' mini photo series. There's only a few photos but I hope you enjoy viewing them!

"I once had a sweet little doll, dears

the prettiest doll in the world."

"To see a doll of yourself is very weird

and very neat at the same time."

"There's nobody else that can double me-

except for a doll."

And that's it! It's only a few but soon, there will be another bunch of photo series! I won't tell you much about it yet, you've got to see it yourself! Hehe (^^)

Do tell me what you think of the editing. I'm not very good in photoshop yet so I could only use what I know and apply them into the editing process. I love to hear your opinions and get more ideas and tips! \(^^)/

Well then,

Good Night!


  1. wow, your photoshop skills are very good ! I never good at photoshop >.< btw are you wearing lenses in those photos? Btw, i'm maii ismail from facebook if you don't remember me lol !

  2. maii- I remember. (^^) My photoshop skills aren't that good! Hehe. I'm not wearing any lenses. They are photoshopped.

    Broken Angel- Thank you!