June 11, 2011

I-city - Illuminated city


I know I have not been updating for days already, so sorry! m(_ _)m

At first when my family and I were discussing about where to visit this holiday, we decided to go I-city since it looked beautiful in the commercial. But then, there was no mentioning about it later on. And surprisingly, mom decided that we'll go there on Friday two days ago. And I'm going to show you pictures of the illuminated city!

Pictures are arranged like a scrapbooking style since I only had a few pictures so I decided to make them look more interesting. (^^)

Though it looked fun, I-city was actually a little bit boring to me. It's mostly light displays there and it was quite hard to take photos at night (ok, maybe not for those dslr holders). In the Snow Walk, it was quite dim and cold so taking pictures there was another challenge. My camera lens became blur as soon as I exit the place. By the way, the pictures in the Snow Walk were taken with my phone camera as I didn't want to risk taking out my camera as it was cold and slippery in case something unwanted happens. ( > <)

So that's it for now, I will try to update more!

See you!


  1. wow, look so fun ! the tree are so pretty ! where photo of you at i-city? :D

  2. It was so dark I couldn't take picture of myself there. I will post a photo of me in Snow Walk once I've scan it in!

  3. waaaaaaaaaah..its so pretty...~
    i really love light..dunno why..maybe like star in the earth..?
    thanks to posting dear..^^
    i grab the pict..:p

  4. SeVeRuSLoVez- 'star in the earth' haha! :D Thanks for informing!