June 13, 2011

A gift from Paris and London~


Remember I told you about that I'm going to try out the oatmeal diet during the holiday? I didn't manage to finish it as I got my monthly blues halfway and I got so dizzy so mom advised me to stop that for now. So maybe next time I'll try it again... But! I lost 0.5 kg in two days just by eating oatmeal and no snacking! It's a little bit only but it's the result I got from two day... (; ;)

Anyways, today's the first day of the second semester and as usual, I got some souvenirs from my friend! Ally went Paris and London and bought me some stuff~ Thank you so much!

A beautiful necklace all the way from Paris! I love it so much!

All this while I have been wanting a necklace or bracelet with Eiffel Tower on it. I think those are very cute and stylish!

A keychain from London! It's my first souvenir from London! I'm so happy!

I've collected many souvenirs from various countries like Singapore, France, China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and many more over these years. Yet I have never been to other countries other than Singapore when I was four. It seems like everytime I want to go overseas there's bound to be something that will block me from going... (; ;)

I've censored her face for privacy reasons.

As for Ally, she got herself A LOT of items with Union Jack. Union Jack umbrella, T-shirt, watch, bag, hat, purse, keychains etc.

So... first day of school after two weeks holidays was alright. We got back our test papers and surprisingly, I got a quite decent result! I didn't expect myself to get such good grades at all for my mid term exam. Thank God! \(^^)/ I guess all the hard work paid off too. Hehe

That's it for today. I will try to post up a tutorial soon! On hair! (^^)

Bye bye~!


  1. mwaaa...I've been so into necklace too! is that a long type? mwaa..u're so lucky for getting such a cute necklace <3

  2. Lina Kim ♥- It's the normal length. But A long type with a bigger Eiffel Tower would look great, don't you think so? :D

  3. Ah, the necklace is so cute! :D

  4. oh, I love London ! :)

    cute blog;)