June 16, 2011

Camwhoring in Yukata


Today I tested out the eyemake I planned for Bon Odori! And I decided to camwhore a little bit. (^^) Hehe

I was just testing out the eyemake so I didn't bother much to style my hair. (^^);

I have a short forehead. I don't think I look nice with my fringe up (> <)

Here's my eyemake test out. I've applied pink on the upper lid and green on the lower lid. I wanted it to be a fun colour and also to match with my yukata. Please tell me what do you think about the eyemake! (^^)

As for the hairstyle, after I've flipped through many old issues of magazines I have, I have a few ideas now. I will show you some time later!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been much active in blogging lately as I'm really busy with school stuff. I've decided that I must revise everyday after getting so much stress from my mid term exams so I guess my schedule is mostly packed up now.

But don't worry, I will always try my best to blog. (^^) For that I'll have to speed up my actions a few times. Ehehe. I have quite some stuff lined up to post and also I'm gathering pictures for this 'mega post' I've finished typing out. \(^^)/

No matter what, I still hope to read your comments. I'm always happy to read them!

Also, if there's a problem with the comment system, do email me to tell me about it since I have a few problems regarding blogger comment posting system too, which is why I've changed my comment form to be in a pop up window if you have noticed.

Well, that's it for now, sorry for the short post. m(_ _)m



  1. you are soo gorgeous . .i really wanted to say that!! ^^

  2. Awww you`re so cute like a doll!!! *_* I think the makeup and hairstyle are perfect for your Yukata.

    Your forehead isn`t too short at all, I think pinning up a fringe is only a problem when people have huge foreheads.

  3. you're so cute ! i love the eyemake >< how much do you pay for the yukata?

  4. OMG. you're so cute!


  5. So cute!! As expected of u!! Can't wait to see how is ur hairstyle gonna be..

  6. Hee~ I love it! ^^\v your yukata and make are so cute! I need one~!
    I think your forehead is fine! I agree with ☆。Kira*Kira。☆ !
    I need those lashes! :3 <3

  7. Lina Kim ♥- Thank you!

    kuro-hachi-su- Thanks for the compliment! (^///^)

    ☆。Kira*Kira。☆- I see... But I do prefer having fringe instead. Thank you for letting me know your opinion!

    Maii- 3980 yen for the yukata. The shipping fee is 2700 yen so the total is 6680 yen.

    Joanna- Thank you!

    sasure- Ok! See you at Bon Odori~ Hehe. Can't wait to see you in my jinbei. lololol~~

  8. さくらピクセル~- Do get the yukata soon if you want it! The last time I checked it was selling out! Top lash is Dolly Wink No.2 and bottom lash is Dolly Wink No.5 (^^)

  9. so cute xD

    your forehead looks fine to me!

    bon-odori...how natsukashi~

  10. Lila- Have you been to Bon Odori before?