June 1, 2011

Ageha eyemake tutorial


Today's post will be on the Ageha eyemake I posted earlier. I was supposed to post it last week but somehow I forgot about it... (^^); So here you go~

Start with a clean eye. Put on your contact lens before make up.

I used Phloof! by M.A.C. all over my eye area. It's my recent favourite eyeshadow (^^)v

Then using Cork by M.A.C, I applied it all the way up to my crease.

Next is to use Espresso by M.A.C onto your eyelids.

For Ageha eyemake, I would prefer to draw on the eyeliner before proceeding onto the bottom eyeshadow. You'll see why...

Try to draw the bottom eyeliner further away from your bottom eye to give the illusion of bigger looking eyes.

It might look a little weird at this point when you close your eyes, but after you apply the lashes it'll look just fine.

Now, I have mentioned above that it's best to draw the eyeliner before apply bottom eyeshadow as you will need it as a guideline as to where to apply the bottom eyeshadow. I used Scene by M.A.C. but I think a darker colour would look better?

Apply lashes.

Top lash: Daiso No.11 + Dolly Wink No.4
Bottom lash: Dolly Wink No.5

For bottom lash, if you could, I think bottom lashes with more volume would look much better. Maybe something like Jun Komori's Eyemazing #201 would be nice.

Here you can see that after you apply your eyelashes, you can't see the gap anymore when you close your eyes. I'm taking the picture slightly angled down, by the way. (^^)

And that's it! The eyemake's done~

Well, the past few days I wasn't feeling quite well... I had headache due to the heat then problems with monthly blues...

I hate it so much! 8(> <)8

I felt so weak this morning when I woke up. When I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning (I was standing up), I nearly fainted if I hadn't cut her off immediately. Yeah, my mom is one of those who nags non stop...

But don't worry about me so much! (^^) I have taken Panadol so I'm feeling better now. Hehe

This holiday I've been spending my time watching drama and anime everyday. Somehow the anime and drama craze has got back to me. Ahaha... (^^);

Alrighty then, I'm going to continue watching Majisuka Gakuen~~~ Go AKB48~~~! \(>w<)/


  1. super cute :D i want to try this, but i am not sure it would work because i have dark skin ;-;

  2. The tutorial is lovely! Get well soon! :D

  3. Very easy to follow tutorial! I loved it :D Ageha make usually (to me) looks hard to do! Thanks for sharing this tutorial ^^ I'm glad you're feeling better <3 I'm still feeling the effects from convention/musicfest... SO sore everywhere, and SO tired!! I don't want to go to work so early tomorrow </3

  4. Cute tutorial! I really like the outcome, though I wouldn't call it "ageha" since they tend to use a lot more heavy eyeshadow in my opinion?
    But I like the lashes a lot! Especially the lower lashes, think I'll get some myself haha XD And I like your lenses as well :D What brand are they?
    Kawaii~ <3

  5. a e r i . t e r r o r ♥- Why don't you try it out? :D I would love to see how it will look on dark skin too!

    ELEAN♥R- Thank you!

    katie- Hmm... Sometimes I don't understand some stuff in Ageha magazine too... X3 There's a musicfest eh... It seems fun!

    Hopy- Some does use heavier eyeshadow but some of the Ageha model's make up isn't as dark you see... Maybe it's the eyelashes? The lower lashes, Dolly Wink No.5 is one of the top lashes in Japan! As for my lenses, they are Geo Dolly Green. They look much more greener in real but my camera couldn't capture the colour well... (-o-)

    baby.xi- Thank you~!

  6. You are soooo CUTE! I love your style☆

    I love gyaru style. I would love to be gyaru, but I can't order anything on the Internet!!! And I'm so sad of it ;_____;

  7. wow..there is a very simple steps but sooo cute..!

    if dont mind, plis check my blog..:

    tenkyu prettie...~

  8. SeVeRuSLoVez- Thank you. (^^)