May 28, 2011

Out alone...


First off, I'll be replying to comments from the previous post since something gone wrong with Blogger and I couldn't reply it there...

Lina Kim ♥ said...
ah, I think I knew your prob, it is because your pic dimension is : 1,000px × 1,333px . right? it would took ages to upload. I think it's better for you to resize it. and even an adobe photoshop 640x468 px size JPG pic would having a size around 200-300kb. I used ACDsee application to resize them.

---> I tried resizing it already but it's still the same. I think my Internet connection is too slow lately that's why. I couldn't even watch a single video at all!

katie said...
I love your sunglasses, they're so cute! I need a new pair of sunglasses since I keep breaking all mine
AHHHHH I want to watch the GANTZ movie SOOO badly!! I'm a huge fan of the anime, and I need to read the manga too @A@ I wish I could've seen it in theaters, but I had to work booooooo!

---> They are my only pair of sunglasses. Hehe. After watching GANTZ, I felt like watching the anime! :D

Joanna said...
You look so cute with sunglasses! :))))

---> Thank you!

So it's finally holiday! Yesterday was Teacher's Day celebration at my school so school ended early. My mom couldn't fetch me as she had meeting at her office, so she told me to go shopping instead.


Many renovation and shops changing and moving are going on there. Watson and Isetan along with many other shops are under renovation. Shops like Toy 'R Us, Teddy tales, KFC and more have moved their locations.

Since two of my favourite places, Watson and Isetan concourse are under renovation, it was quite a boring day for me.

Nevertheless, I bought some stuff there to enjoy myself while babysitting my younger brother for two weeks... (-o-)

Kimi ni Todoke live action.

I love this live action version as much as I love the anime version! Sawako and Kazehaya are just so cute! Especially when Kazehaya smiles or laughs! This live action made me go 'Kyaa~ So cute!' (^^)

Popteen June.

I've read the scans online only I collected the magazine because I couldn't go out during the exam period. This issue features Maimai on the cover. I don't like her that much though... I rather have Kumicky again on the cover.

Vaseline lotions.

My beauty diary face mask

After seeing reviews by Eki, I was really tempted to try this out although I rarely put on masks. Hehe. (^^);

Sometimes when I put them on just before I go to bed, I will fall asleep accidentally and only realise it's still on my face at midnight or the next morning. Haha! (^^);

That's it for my purchase this time. I really hope that I can go out during the holidays but all thanks to my younger brother I'm stucked at home. (; ;)

Anyways, yesterday I crocheted a Taiyaki! I love Taiyaki~!

Also, my friends might be coming to my house during the holidays! I'm looking forward to it! (^^) I rarely get friends to come to my house since everyone lives so far away. (; ;) I hope it'll be a fun day!

That's it for now!

See you~!

P.S: Remember to catch Cheesie and Audrey on Tokyo Kawaii TV tonight!


  1. OMG. Kimi ni todoke!!! I so love that movie. Plus, you also got Popteen?! Ii na, those are sold in your country. うらやましい!!(>_<)

  2. I'm in Melbourne now and I miss Watsons!! =(

    Btw, how to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV? Stream? What website o?


    ♡ M.May

  3. ooh, thanks for replying^^. u should have complained to your internet provider office cuz we deserved a better service :D

  4. My Beauty Diary is a really good product to use :D But it's a lot cheaper when bought online through forums

  5. Joanna- They are sold in Kinokuniya. (^^)

    M.May- I'm so sorry for not being able to reply your comment on time! m(_ _)m I have a post on how to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV and I hope you found it! It's live streaming. But I am posting a brief summary on the episode. (^^)

    Lina Kim ♥- It was not the internet provider's fault. Many are experiencing the problem where they are unable to post comments.

    mich- Ah, but wouldn't the shipping fee cost more if I'm buying in small quantity?

  6. M. May - You can also watch on later ^^ kirin usually explains the episode in english as well ^^ <3

  7. さくらピクセル~- Yes! :D

  8. Hmmm, not really. I've bought 4 pieces for RM15 with postage included before ^^

  9. HI!! :) How are you doing?!
    Ummm...1 question...where did you buy your Vaseline "healthy white" lotion?! >< I've been looking for it...but I can't find it!!!

  10. Hana- I got it at local pharmacy. Or drugstore if you live in the US