May 21, 2011

Korean eyemake preview~!

Yup! It's as the title above!

Bet you never thought that I would try out a Korea style eyemake right? (Well, at least some of my friends...haha)

For some of my friends, I know that they are super anti-Korea especially Kpop as they love Jpop so much. Hehe (^^);

But for me, I think it's alright... Since I like KARA. (^^)v Haha

Korean girls' eyemake are often referred to nowadays. Korean trend is massive here in Malaysia! Everyone in school talks about Kpop everyday. Groups like SHINee, Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1, FT Island, KARA and more are popular among young people and school kids.

When you see Korean girls, they are always beautiful. Although most of them had plastic surgery, let's not talk about that...

Well, if you notice their eyemake, it's usually very light and natural. I noticed that their trend turned to the dark and cool trend some time ago and their eyemakes are darker instead. I don't know whether the trend in Korea is still like that now... I might be outdated, sorry...

So the eyemake I'm going to try out is the dark one, since I've done a natural eyemake look before already...

I noticed that Korean likes to draw the bold cat eyeline. And also thick eyebrows.
I tried to capture these points as best as I could. Hehe

There. This is my first time trying out Korean style eyemake. Honestly, I looked like a different person when I look at myself in the mirror! I'm not trying to exaggerate but that's what I felt!

I think it's not dark enough though... What do you think?

I guess that's it for now, I have to get back to studying. Two more days and it's over!!! I'm so excited for the holidays already even though I have nothing planned yet. (^^);

Alrighty then,

Bye bye~!

Note: This is just a preview for the upcoming tutorial. I don't have time to post it up because of the exams... Sorry! I have three tutorials lined up and will post them up one by one! Look forward to it!


  1. You look cute! Maybe a little bit more liquid or gel eyeliner would bolden it a tad >w<
    I love korean eye make and their eye shape, some girls have really beautiful long eyes.

  2. You're soooo cute! I'm jealous ; ~ ; I'd need a miracle to look as pretty as you. Moving on, your eyebrows are a bit too light. :3 So cute though!! I like Girl's Generation and After School.

  3. alycie- I think so too! Their eyes are beautiful even without eyeliner!

    Broken Angel- I'm not that cute. (> <) Thanks for telling me about the eyebrows. Will make them darker. (^^) Many people I know don't like SNSD (sorry!)... I heard of After School before. One of their members acted in the drama You're Beautiful right?

  4. yes ^^, some of those actresses lined their eyes with a fat and bold black eyeliner. But I personally think that's for on-stage style eyemake and compared to gyaru, gyaru has a more up-done eyemake, that's why I think cuz I've seen a lot of sae mool's and k-street make up style which is totally natural =D

  5. Lina Kim ♥- What's sae mool? (o.o)?

  6. You suit that eyemake :3 <3 BTW, I'm just randomly clicking on blogs! And I must say that I love yours, can we be friends? ^^ I hope you write me back! ♥

  7. Marion ♥- Thank you. (^^) I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable with a online friend relationship... m(_ _)m But I hope that you will still read my blog...