May 3, 2011

How to make Bull's Horns!


Recently, my teacher asked me to make Bull's Horns for Sports Day! I'm in Luke House and the mascot for it is a bull, which explains why! Haha!

So I decided to take the steps one by one and show you how I did it! I think it will be great if you are going to cosplay a character with horns or prepare for Halloween (although it's still a long way till that).

First step is to do some google-ing on bull horns. Find the one you prefer and save it for reference. Then sketch out the shape you want it to be. It doesn't have to be perfect, for you can change the shape of it while making it.

Next is to scrunch up newspaper balls and line them about to see whether they are going to be the size you want it to be. Take note that at later steps, the size will increase due to layers of paper mache.

Take a piece of aluminium foil.

Now roll it like how you roll a sushi. (^^)v

Adjust the shape and all till you get your desire shape.

I'm so sorry that I didn't take picture of this part onwards. m(_ _)m.

Basically you just have to paper mache it and then paint it. Easy!

Here's a video on how to make the paper mache paste!

And here is what is looks like after painting. The blue represents Luke House. Hehe.

A zoom up of the painting. To achieve such effect, you will have to use poster colours and paint it dry! Without any water! Just gently stab your brush into the paint and stroke it along. If it is too concentrated, try pulling a few strokes on a newspaper. By the way, you will have to use a harder brush.

For my brush, I used the one which I usually use to apply PVA glue on projects. It is spoilt but if does has it's own advantages! \(^^)/

And that's it! You have your Bull's Horn! Ngggeeeeeeee~~!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Hehe

By the ways, is any of you (I'm referring to Malaysians) going to C2age? I will be going on day 1 so do tell me if you want to meet me there! (^^)

I will be taking lots of photos so that cosplayers can find their photos here! (^^)

That's it for now,

Night nights~~!!


  1. reminds me when I was in primary school, I made a paper mach work in art class ^^

  2. Damn this was so cool!!! I now want to attempt this hahaha

  3. Lina Kim ♥- Aww... I never get to make paper mache so this is my first attempt and I like it! \(^^)/

    Mie- Yay~!!! I wish you good luck! Ganbatte!!

  4. ❤ Moon ❤- Thank you! Someone wore it today at Sports Day and it looked nice! Ah! I should've took a picture! (> <);;

  5. hi~can i know, where u get ur japanese version of popteen..? TQ so much~~^^

  6. Anonymous- I got them at Kinokuniya.

  7. tq so much..btw, can i noe where is it? =)

  8. Anonymous- It's at the Japanese Book Department.