May 8, 2011

Heartless B****es!


I'm sorry for not updating much lately, I have been quite busy with stuff... m(_ _)m I will post up more stuff soon!

Exams are nearing so I need to rush my school projects and study for them too. Talking about school, today I saw this video on Facebook of a bullying case among high school students.

What do you feel after watching the video?

This is not uploaded by the original uploader. The one uploaded by the original uploader on Youtube has been taken down already.

At the end of the video, the uploader has asked people to rate whether it is good or not.

These girls, the bullies, are from SMK Raja Abdullah, a high school in Malaysia.

Personally, after I watched the video, I felt hurt and had an unable-to-express anger deep inside me. Even though I have heard of lots of bully cases but I have never witness them before.

There are lots of comments in Facebook that are scolding these girls and many people expressed that they want to take revenge for the girl that was bullied.


I mean, how can you treat another student like this just because you don't like her? Cutting her hair, slapping her, whacking her, shout out lots of insults and vulgar at her and even taking a video and posting it online?!!!

Hah! You've brought yourself into deep trouble for your much pleasure!!! These girls are going to have a 'fun' time knowing what the netizens have their say about them.

On the other hand, I couldn't ignore that HOW COME THE GIRL DID NOT FIGHT BACK?! You are getting bullied but all you did was to cry and whine and just sit there and let them do all sorts of stuff to you? Why are you so SILLY?!

I understand that the girl is terrified but since the video is so long(I believe they have cut a long part of the video away), why hasn't she came into her senses and fought back? Even if they have threatened her, she should be brave enough to tell a teacher or just shout loudly or even flipping the desk etc.

I remember three years back when I was in Form 1(Junior High First Year), I was bullied by a bunch of students too. It was a misunderstanding from them but in the end, I complained to the school counsellor and the school took action. And everything was alright ever since and none came and bully me anymore. I'm sorry that it's not very detailed, but I do not wish to elaborate on past incidents that hurts me whenever I think of it.

To me, in life, there will be the ups and downs. And sometimes, if you're unlucky, you might get all sorts of trouble. Even so, one should stay strong, take positive actions, be brave and be determined on right decisions.

What do you think of this incident? Have you got yourself into such troubles before too?

I would like to read your comments...

Well then,

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  1. That's nasty, but it's partly her own fault. Instead of crying and being a weakling she should have done something, like idk, getting mad or something. I can understand why she's terrified, but come on.. letting others hit you, throw insults at you and even cutting your hair? =_=;;

    The bullies don't know what trouble it will give the girl in the future. But I think it's just a situation that was escalating, because bullying goes like that. It's not like the bullies purposely do it and want it, I think they are just getting along with the mood wtf. I do feel sorry for them what netizens are saying about them, haha. I'm sure this wasn't what they wanted at all in the end :P. Both parties ended up hurted (I think.. lol).

    We've all been children and I think a little teasing/bullying/pressure from others is good, so you can grow up strong and develop your own opinion.

  2. This is horrible. I would not condone such terrible bratty behavior.
    The girls should be punished, but also for those who leave comments of hate and revenge are not as good as them. I've been in the position of probably on the boarder line of bullying and now I understand what I have done was not appropriate. But everyone has done some sort of thing and recall your thoughts onto why and how you thought it was funny even not for the other person. Even so, its not the questioning on why they bullied her, but that they took it too far.
    I see how you were annoyed that the girl did not fight back. Maybe this was because she has been bullied a lot in the past and is scared to fight back. That also has happened to me, where you feel if you retaliate your gonna get it worse. Its very sad, but from that girls reaction I feel like maybe she is somewhat specially challenged, because I have witnessed the bullying of these kids in Hong Kong as a child, and they dont know how to defend themselves.
    This shows how pathetic these girls are to hit, insult, and physically torture and defenseless girl, and they think its funny. They took this to the extreme, and for that they need an extreme punishment and they will get it. They were so dumb to actually post this cuz now the consequence is they will be found out and they will get a lot of hate. Disgusting.

    Sorry for the uber long comment haha.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. omg I can't believe it, a high schoolers-bulliers? I mean I've never met such a bump of ppl in my place when I was in high school O__________O I would stand up for the bullied one if I were there! >.<

  4. How can people be so cruel =_= After watching this i feel really angry. If I were in that class I would have helped the poor girl and bitchslap each of the bullies. That's why I'm wondering that no one else protected her... This world is so sad and I wished that girl had more strengh to fight back. ._.
    And I hope the teachers noticed that she got bullied! If not, they're useless blind arses.

    I've never been in such a situation. Except the common ching chang chong stuff bc I'm asian. But then I kicked their butts. =_= So no big deal. But yeah it could be worse so I'm glad that never happened to me. :(

  5. That's just horrible. I don't understand how people can do such things to another human being...

    As to why she didn't fight back, people react differently to things. In a case such as this, it must have been shocking and honestly terrifying... some people, when they're afraid, aren't able to move, you know? Also, maybe she was scared that if she did anything, they would do even worse things to her...
    She shouldn't have to fight back! No one should do things like that in the first place. It's truly unacceptable... :(
    I hope that this poor girl will recover from this and not be subjected to such things in the future...

  6. I had to tell you.That girl being bullied is actually cornered.She can't run away bcoz she was threatened.And 2nd, this girl looks like an a disabled person.somewhat cannot do anything.Forgive me if my comment sounded sarcastic.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of comments to reply!!! :D
    I'm sorry if my opinions aren't agreeable to you, but that's just how I am looking a tthe situation. m(_ _)m
    I appreciate all your comments, by the way.

    ❤ Moon ❤- That's what I thought too. I do hope the girl will be stronger.

    Since I've been in such situations before, not getting my hair cut but being threathen due to misunderstandings, I know how it is like being surrounded by so many bullies at once.

    As for what you said about feeling sorry for the bullies, I think they do deserve some scoldings etc but I hope it won't affect them too much till suicidal etc.

    kuumelon- It's ok for the long comment. (^w~)v

    I think people who watched the video would've got angry too hence those hate and revenge comments.

    What I think is if you are simply pulling a prank or some sort that is not too extreme just for a little fun it's ok. But I think these girls have brought it to the extremes as to bullying.

    I agree to what you said as they are really dumb to post it online and to think that they could claim some fame or whatsoever from others. In other words, I think they have no brains.......... = =;

    Lina Kim ♥- You're so lucky! Standing up to the bullied ones does takes a lot of courage too. Sometimes, it might be better to inform a higher-up and let tem do the thing while remaining anonymous.

    Lu- It might be lunch time since some schools in Malaysia (like mine) don't allow students to stay in class. Perhaps they sneaked in and you know...

    Even if some teachers saw, some would just ignore and walk away. When I was in such situation last time, three teachers past by and none came to me and asked what's wrong. = =; Seriously.

    For my case, I brought it up to the counsellor the next day. Even after they acknowledged that I told a teacher about it, they still came to me and insulted me. However, the matter was brought up to the principal and she solved the case and since then they did not dare to do things like that. I think I was lucky too as they didn't do anything out of the school.......O_O

    HamCham- But one can't be shocked and terrified for so long right? When such things happens, one must defend oneself... I hope she will be alright too and will meet better people in life.

    Dinraxxx- She might look disabled, that I agree. Some people are just so mean that they would purposely bully people like this. I had a schoolmate in Primary school (middle school) that was slightly retarded and her appearance was dirty and messy. People insulted her and boycott her. But that's it!

    However, what these girls did is just too much! Haven't they learnt any moral values?!

  8. Neko, you dont seems to understand the situation at all.. How can you call a victim silly!! She must have been so scared to even fight back... If she dared to do so, dont you think she is going to get even more beating, having so many of those wild girls around?? You will understand better if you were in her shoes and someone called you silly.

    Moon, how can victim be at fault?? You dont seems to have a heart to say that here.. Mind you, she is a victim... of a bully.. And no.. bully is not alright..even if it is a little one.. Some will grow to a bigger bully.. and to a more serious one.. You girls do not know what you are saying... please have a heart for the poor girl... My heart goes out to her...

  9. Btw... found one girls blog today.. it's here. So many people scolding her eh, while I think she deserve punishment, I think she's got enough now, lol.

  10. Anonymous- I guess you haven't follow up with the latest news. She has been bullied for 4 MONTHS!!! Her parents have complained about this matter to the school, but they took no action. I mean for four months, couldn't she have the courage to fight back?!

    ❤ Moon ❤- I saw te blog already. It's on the news today. It said that they are suspended from school for two weeks and when they go back to school they will be attending counselling classes and the school will look out for their behaviour. But I'm not so sure whether the school will or not since they didn't even take action towards the girl's parents' complains for four months already.

    Although I think the punishment is not enough but I guess they are only 13 years old so let it be so...

    By the way, the girl that was being bullied will be transferred to another school after her parents discussed with MOE (Ministry of Education).

  11. Really? I understand why she wants to be transferred, but now she'll be labeled the 'bullied transfer kid' ==;
    Hope her new classmates treat her better ah.

    @Anon: You call 4 girls so many eh? And it's not I don't have a heart, Neko and me are being realistic!!

    Sometimes in life there are obstacles people must overcome, scared or not. In nature, there's right of the strongest. You can't survive if someone holds your hand the entire time and same goes for adapting in society.
    And please, bully will grow to bigger bully? Not everyone doesn't know his/her limits.
    btw if you got balls you'd comment with your own name and not anon. easy for you to say we don't know what we're saying :')

  12. ❤ Moon ❤- I guess she might be labelled so but being transferred is the best choice for now... I think she could be going to a school with special needs since she looked a little bit disabled though...

  13. I'm curious bout what happened to the bulliers now? are they learn their lessons yet?
    I might want to *crush* 'em up to bites~! groooar...~!!
    I haaaate bulliers!

  14. Lina Kim ♥- Like I've mentioned in the previous comment, they are now suspended from the school for two weeks and will be going through counselling sessions once they go back to school and the school will look out on their behaviour.

    As to why they aren't fired from the school, MOE has stated that they have no killed someone so they can't fire them yet.

    In my opinion, one or two of them might not have learn their lesson? Since they didn't react as though they are afraid but instead they said something like 'Look, out school is famous now.'

    However that sentence is said before the MOE regarded about this matter.

  15. thanks for the video. I had been seeking for the video clip these few days. This is a very bad thing to do to your classmate. This girls must be very, very mean. They deserved to be punished very severly. They should be expelled from the school. They behaved like animals. Even animals can love and protect the young ones. tq.

  16. Anonymous- Glad you found it here. (^^)

  17. wtf @ _____ @
    i know she's not the prettiest girl in town but that's too much = ~ =;;
    I get it if they were laughing at her from afar or something but seriously = m =;;;;;;

  18. Riza- Yup. Anyways, the case has cooled off already...

  19. she had down syndrome and she was just 13