May 29, 2011

Cheesie and Audrey in Tokyo Kawaii TV

*Pic heavy*

Good day~!

I'm so sorry for posting this up so late even though I said that I would get it up yesterday. m(_ _)m I was out all day so I wasn't able to update my blog... ( > <);

Anyways, Cheesie and Audrey along with other Foruchizu members were on NHK Tokyo Kawaii yesterday! (^^) And here I will be sharing a brief summary of it in case you didn't understand.

All along the show I was taking screenshots making sure I missed nothing. The connection was quite laggy but I think I manage to take a lot of scenes?

After Lie and Maiko found Xiaxue, Xiaxue showed them a picture of her and Cheesie and telling them about her. Their comment was 'Gyaru!'

Upon seeing Cheesie's post where where she received lots of Dolly Wink item, they called her the Tsukematsuge Ojou(False Eyelashes Queen).

Then, Lie and Maiko both said 'Aitai! Aitai!' (We want to meet her!) and Xiaxue messaged Cheesie asking whether is it okay for them to meet her and it was a Yes!

So they took a 7 hours train from Singapore to Malaysia...

Koji did a survey on Dolly Wink sale stats. Apparently Malaysia (Green) covers majority of the sales.

Lie and Maiko arrives in Malaysia and went to Bukit Bintang area. They checked out Uniqlo and commented on the slightly different in the products here compared to in Japan. While they were in front of Pavillion, they saw our ex-prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad.

They told Tun that their purpose here is to see how much has Japan fashion culture influenced Malaysia then took a picture with Tun.

They met Cheesie at 1pm and Cheesie brought her friend, Audrey along.

They showed them around their favourite shopping places and one of them is Sasa. Lie and Maiko questioned the sales assistant on which eyelashes sells best and it was Dolly Wink.

Later, Cheesie drove them to her apartment. It was a luxurious apartment!

Living room.


Cheesie showed them some stuff she got like Liz lisa onepiece and her bag.

Then Cheesie told them that she bought the apartment two years ago by herself. And some stuff she own are sponsored stuff.

Lie and Maiko asked Cheesie and Audrey whether they know of other Gyaru girls and Audrey answered that they do not because not many people dresses like them so they only know each other who follows Gyaru style.

Lie and Maiko then made them to promise that they'll form a Gyaru-sa (Gyaru circle) in Malaysia and they are going to gather girls who are interested in becoming a Gyaru immediately.

Cheesie and Audrey both tweeted about it and Cheesie got a reply not long after of a girl saying 'I want to be a Gyaru!'

Lie and Maiko asked them how many followers they have on their twitter accounts and Cheesie had over 9000 whereas Audrey has over 3000. Maiko said she only has around 200 whereas Lie said she doesn't even have a twitter account!

The next day...

Renae and Joey

Yokoii and Yuki

Jacqueline and Christy

Maiko-sensei worked her magic and transformed the girls into beautiful Gyarus! This is Joey before and after!

Christy before and after!

After becoming gorgeous Gyarus, it's time to get out on the streets and test their confidence! There were so many people taking photos of them!

Two girls who passed by said they want to be Gyaru too!

Then it was time to part! There were lots of tears and everyone was grateful and touched for such a fun time together.

One last group photo!

The gyarus all promised that they will meet up again someday!

After some while, Cheesie and Audrey formed a facebook page for the first ever Gyaru-sa in Malaysia, Foruchizu!

And that's it for this episode! I will be blogging later in the morning since I need to sleep now! Hehe!

Minna, oyasumi~! <3
P.S: DO correct me if you found any spelling mistakes as I typed these in a hurry! But don't worry, I've covered everything I know! (^^)v


  1. sooo cool!! do you have the link to watch the video?? I want to seeee >.< I love all tokyo kawaii tv episodes! ♥

  2. OHHHHH! So that's what was going on with all the gyaru everywhere! I didn't even realize it was for the next episode haha. I have the 2 part episodes of Lie and Maiko looking around for Xiaxue :)) This page is where I get my episodes!!

    I hope they upload the Malaysian gyaru episode soon!! >w<

  3. Oh I haven't watch it :-( thanks for your sharing! Where can I watch this episode again? T.Q ♥

  4. エミリー❤- I don't know where you can rewatch it but Kirin ( will always upload it some time later on her blog with translation too.

    katie- That's where I rewatch the episodes too! :D

    Cherish 유혜연 ♥- As mentioned in the previous comments, you can watch at some time later.

  5. Ah, i couldnt watch it >_<!! but thanks for sharing :DD!

  6. wow so detailed too bad about the pics but GOOD JOB! ^^

  7. Perfect timing for my t.v. to stop airing NHK =_____=;;;
    Is there like a website i can watch this online? ; 0 ;

  8. Risa- Aw! That's too bad! As for that, I've already mentioned in the above comments.

  9. Likee ❤
    But my before pic is so fugly owh nooo...