May 25, 2011

Camwhoring tip! [Glasses]


Exams are finally over! This time it might be my worst result after I enrolled high school. *sulks*

This term I pulled off countless all-nighters just to study. I know it's bad but I can't rest if I know that I have not done something... (^^); But I am going to get some masks or some sort to relax myself during the holidays. Hehe. And also this holiday I will be starting the Oatmeal Diet I mentioned before! I'm so excited already! Haha

By the way, I'm going to delay the tutorial on Korean eyemake as I want to make a better one since it wasn't that nice as you've seen previously... Ah well, I have two weeks of holiday which means I have lots of time to post up post that I've planned. Heehee~

My nose looks so big here... (> <)

Back to the topic, summer is round the corner and sunglasses are essential for the season! Sunglasses are your friend to camwhore!

That's because when you lower down your sunglasses and rest it on the tip of your nose, it gives an illusion of a sharper and higher nose bridge.

See? (^^)

By the way, I tried to upload pictures for more than ten times already for this post. But I do not know whether it's my internet speed or it's Blogger that makes it so hard to upload photos. Sometimes I get really frustrated and end up delaying the post just like this one which is suppose to be posted two days ago...

Also, I've just watched Gantz and I must say that it's nice! I love the actions and the accessories in this movie! They look so cool!

And that's it for now,

Good Night!


  1. ah, I think I knew your prob, it is because your pic dimension is : 1,000px × 1,333px . right? it would took ages to upload. I think it's better for you to resize it. and even an adobe photoshop 640x468 px size JPG pic would having a size around 200-300kb. I used ACDsee application to resize them.

  2. I love your sunglasses, they're so cute! I need a new pair of sunglasses since I keep breaking all mine </3 Thanks for the tip!

    AHHHHH I want to watch the GANTZ movie SOOO badly!! I'm a huge fan of the anime, and I need to read the manga too @A@ I wish I could've seen it in theaters, but I had to work booooooo!

  3. You look so cute with sunglasses! :))))