May 1, 2011

Ageha eyemake take!


Since I haven't show any pictures of me lately, today I'm going to show you pictures which I was trying out Ageha eyemake!

When I first discovered gyaru style, it was Ageha that caught my attention most! With their gorgeous hair styles and dolly like face and those gorgeous outfits. I learnt a lot from Ageha actually! However, Ageha style is more to Agejo hime which means hostess and I don't really like that so I switched to Popteen instead.

I think I look different with the eyemake!!!

A Ageha inspired hairstyle. It's a ribbon up-do too but it's slightly different.

I used to try to do Ageha hairstyles but always fail miserably... ( >o<);; It's hard to do them especially when you don't understand the language (I was not as good in Japanese yet). However, I must say that all those teasing and stuff like that had spoilt my hair, causing it to fall off and get tangle easily... (; ;)

A zoom up of my Ageha eyemake take!

Ageha eyemake is fairly easy... I think?

I think the only part that is different in terms of eyemake is that Popteen doesn't draw bottom eyeline whereas Ageha does. And they draw then faraway from their bottom eye.

And do remember to put a darker eyeshadow below the bottom eyeline you drew.

Would you try out Ageha eyemake? (^^)

Anyways, recently I've been watching a lot of anime! Like Ouran Highschool Host Club, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Paradise Kiss and Summer Wars!

Have you watched them? Leave me a comment about what you think of the anime and we'll dicuss it there!! \(^^)/

Haha, I'm still watching anime even though exam is approaching..... ( -w-)

That's it for now~!!!

Bye bye!


  1. The eyemake definitely makes you look different! ^^ but still pretty! i love ouran :D but it's been a while since i've watched it though. :(

  2. yunnie- Ouran! Who's your favourite character? :D For me it's Haruhi, Tamaki and Kaoru! :D

  3. I like your hair!
    would you pls make more hair toutorials! I love Hair tutorials^^

  4. PetiteMiyuu- Thank you! I'm planning to do this one soon. (^^)

  5. kyaaa neko-chan, u're so cute looking, I love your looks now ^^

  6. Lina Kim ♥- Thank you~!

  7. hehe i love hikaru and kaoru! and honey and mori. hehe! xD

  8. yunnie- Hehe! Honey is cute too! And he has cakes at 3am! Haha!

  9. hehe he's adorablee! it's a really nice manga and anime! love the theme song too ^^

  10. I liked ageha in the begin too lol!! Then switched to Jelly and Popteen, not Egg becoz I don't really like... -_- XD

    You look so rich and mature in this makeup XD!
    all you need is pink yukata and you look like some rich ojou-sama XDD

  11. yunnie- I like it too!

    ❤ Moon ❤ - I don't like Egg too. Haha. But I think Ranzuki is pretty interesting too!

  12. Sakura- I'm planning to do an eyemake for that soon. (^^)