April 3, 2011

Shopping with Estee!


Today I went out with Estee to KLCC. It's our first time going out after so long! The last time was many years back when we're still playing with Barbie Dolls. Haha!

Just one picture of me that I took when I got back so it's not really nice... (> <)

We didn't do anything much since many shops in KLCC have closed down... (; ;) The only attraction for me now is Kinokuniya. Hehe.

Here are some pictures taken in the car...

I collected my Popteen magazines today! Popteen May's cover is very dreamy for Spring. (^^)

Got some brochures. I love Japanese brochures.

By the way, there is a promotion going on at the Dolly Wink section at Isetan. Purchase a RM150 voucher and you get a makeover and a goody bag from Koji. So head over there if you're interested! Also, there's a BIG poster of Tsubasa~~~! <333 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Got myself a new lip balm. My lips are always dry so I hope this will help... (^^); It claims to be the 1st in Japan. Haha!

Anyways, check out Lil'B 's music video with lots of models in it!!!

Lil'B キミに歌ったラブソング-卒業Lil'P大合唱

Lil'B Kimi ni Uta Love Song - Sotsugyou Lil'P dai gasshou

[PV] [2011.02.23] Lil'B - キミに歌ったラブソン... by wonderful-life1989


I love this song so much!!! You can google and download it. (^^)

Today has been a fun yet tiring day. But I felt so sorry for my walet. I'm really tight on money this month... Yet I'm going to go out with my friend on Good Friday. I don't know where am I going to get those money (> <) Sigh...

I'm going to try my best to get some money. No idea yet but hopefully something good pops out? Haha!

That's it for today!

Oyasumi nyan~!


  1. OMG ! The may issue is out already ! How muchhhh !! >:D <3