April 22, 2011

Shopping at Midvalley~!


Today I had so much fun going out with Angel, Ky Li and Carynn! We went to Midvalley as to celebrate Angel's belated birthday outing. Hehe

We had lunch at Garden, Midvalley. It had a nice English garden themed atmosphere.

Here are our drinks. (^^)

This is what I ordered for lunch... (-o-) Well, that's because I had a Subway sandwich before I went there to meet them. Ehehe... (^^);

After lunch, we went for a bowling game! We played two rounds and this is the first round's result. Sorry I didn't manage to take picture of the second game in time (> <) But I got second place for that round!

Ufuuuuu......... My arm still feels tired..... ( -3-)

Anyways, we had a deal where the loser will pay for the drinks for the afternoon tea... And it was Ky Li who paid. I actually felt sorry for her...

...because we had our tea break at Alexis, The Gardens and the stuff there were expensive.

Look at those yummilicious cake that are going to burn a hole in your pocket. They cost around RM11 - RM13.

The most expensive cake I ever ate? At the most high class place I ever been with my friends? Yeah.

Carynn's, Angel's, Ky Li's and my cake~ <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Ok, I ordered passionfruit tea. I thought it would be of more small sized but it was a huge pot of tea (for one person). And if you know me, I'm the type who will try to not waste food even though I'm full already so I drank three cups until I couldn't drink anymore. (-o-)

Well, at least I'm the type that can sleep even if I drank a lot of coffee or tea. Ehehe~! Yup, I enjoy that. (^^)

After having tea break, they all went home and I had to shop alone as to wait for my dad to fetch me after work.

I think I almost covered the whole shopping mall... Haha!

I usually walk very fast when I shop alone and I know what I want to find and what I don't. I prefer shopping with people like that too. Hehe.

So here are my purchases~

A white knit top. I really want to try that blogger style look. Hehe...

Biore's make up remover.

I have read many good reviews on this in magazines and other sources. So I decided to try it out. It does remove make up easily! (^^)v

Also, Watson is selling Dr. Scholl's MediQtto Sleeping Socks at RM98! I wanted to buy it when I saw it there but there was only two L size socks left...(; ;) I need a M size!

There were many shops in Midvalley but stuff there were quite expensive... I think I still prefer shopping at places like Sungei Wang or Fahrenheit 88. Hehe

Shall end this post with a photo of Angel and me~

Bye bye~!


  1. woah last picture nice! editing style oso nice!

  2. Serizawa- Thank you! HEHE :D

  3. Aww, such a wonderful post <3
    I love the cakes!

  4. October ja Wave- They are very delicious!