April 11, 2011

2011's Spring Retro and Vintage Style!


Today's post will be on the latest spring fashion, Retro Shoujo Style and Vintage Shounen Style!

Retro Shoujo Style

1. Using airy material for spring trend~!
Materials like chiffon or lace are IN! For spring, fluffy blouse is recommended for a retro look!

2. Add in brown colour(the translation should be tea colour but it sounds weird...) items to create a vintage feel!
It's the most important point of Retro Shoujo Style! When you add in brown items, you can boost up the vintage feel. Shoes, bags and hats are most recommended!

3. If you want to be retro then patterned items are a must buy
Flower prints, polka dot prints, gingham checks and other spring patterns are the line up of this season. To get a retro girly look, start with these items!

Vintage Shounen Style

1. Wear strong colours with a retro feel!
Vintage Shounen Style matches with strong American taste colours. Whether it's huge nerdy glasses or baggy pants, keep the retro feel.

2. Preppy accessories are a must!
Glasses, mini neckties, suspenders etc. Easy and recommended!

3. Oversized clothing
Oversize clothing like borrowing clothes from a guy.

Retro Shoujo Style's trend keywords!

1. Elegant hat

2. Blouse

3. High waist bottom

4. Small polka dots prints

5. Red gingham checks

6. Floral prints

7. Apron onepiece

8. Denim onepiece

9. Vintage style brown accessories

10. Scarf

11. Tops with collar

12. Sailor colours

13. Short socks

14. Thin belt

Vintage Shounen Style Trend Keywords!

1. Chemical denim

2. Flags like Union Jack and the America flag

3. American colours

4. Huge nerdy glasses

5. College clothes

6. Baggy pants

7. Green & Yellow

8. Checkered shirt

9. Dhangarhi shirt

10. Mini necktie

11. Grandpa-like cute shoes

12. Bandanna

13. Suspenders

I'm sorry for the amateur translations. I'm still learning my Japanese but I try to help everyone to know what's in these scans.

Personally I think both of the styles are cute! Retro Shoujo Style is more to girly cute while Vintage Shounen Style is more to a fun look yet the cuteness still remains.

This spring's trends are really fun! I can't wait to shop for some spring items! Haha!

The tips are very straight forward. But if you don't understand any part of it, do ask me!

By the way, this it the 99th post!!! I want to do something special for my 100th post! So do stay tuned!

As for now,

Good Night~!


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