April 10, 2011

Plum blossom and Sakura flowers~! 桃の花と桜~!


Sorry for the late post. I wanted to post up some stuff from Popteen May 2011 but I couldn't do it in time. Sorry!

Instead, today Mi-chan sent me another bunch of photos! This time it's Plum blossom and Sakura flowers in Wakayama-ken! Which is the place she lives in.

Wakayama is famous for their plums thus plum blossom trees can be seen there! Do try their plums if you have the chance to!

So here are the pictures of plum blossoms!

So much of pinkness! Haha!

Sakura flowers~

I love this picture! It reminds me of those anime scenes where it's the first day of school and students walking to the school happily. (^^)

And that's it for the pictures of Plum blossom and sakura!

Plum blossom is called 桃の花 (momo no hana). Momo is Plum while hana is flower. So Plum's flower! Haha! I think you know about Sakura 桜 already right?

Spring is so beautiful! But in Malaysia it's summer all year long! Haha! A Tropical country is different from a 4 season country! But the advantages is that we don't need to change our wardrobe! Haha!

I'll be posting some scans on Popteen May tomorrow. I will slowly translate those parts that are interesting. Do look forward to them!

Good night~!


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    I love sakura flowers, are so pretty!

    "It reminds me of those anime scenes where it's the first day of school and students walking to the school happily"

    Me too XD, I love this anime scenes!
    All picture are so lovely, I hope some day travel to Japon and see sakura flowers!

    (Sorry for my bad english, my english is not very well :S)

  2. CupcakeChisa- I hope so too. But before that, I hope that the situation in Japan will be better soon...

  3. Yes, I hope that Japan will be better to!

  4. Kirei~
    Love your blog keep it up!

  5. aaw sooo cute!

    I have a sakura picture too in my blog. Just fake sakura but still beautiful

  6. CupcakeChisa- Let's all #prayforjapan!

    kuumelon- Thank you~!

    PetiteMiyuu- I'll go and check out your blog! Hehe!

  7. super2 beautiful >.< I wish I could be there this spring..hiks2

  8. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- Hehe! :D

  9. Hee~ I adore sakura (as you can probably tell xD)
    They're by far my favourite~~ that's why I love spring!
    I think I need to move to Japan just to see the sakura trees! ^^ <3

  10. さくらピクセル~- Haha! You're so cute! \(>w<)/