April 27, 2011

Gals meet Arale-chan Megane アラレちゃんめがね現象!


Arale-chan has arrived! All Gals have becomed Arale-chan!! Not only Preppy kei and Harajuku kei, even Cool kei and Dolly kei are over the Arale-chan glasses! It's so cute like manga characters, without them it's no as cute anymore~ Let's have fun!

If you don't know Arale-chan, she's a character of the gag anime series, Dr. Slump!

The anime/manga series sounds nice! I feel like checking it out. Hehe

Anyways, back to the subject...

Glasses here featured with Retro Dolly kei, Ojikawa & Obakawa kei and Preppy kei.

Popular glasses style~

First of all is the black frame glasses!
The colour that can be matched with many many types of clothings! Perfect if you want to get into the style fast! If will bring more attention to your eyes and also giving an enlargement effect!

Leopard skin-like pattern glasses!

Perfect for retro and ojikawa styles! It's a pattern that many Gals like even though it has an old pattern!

Red glasses or glasses that stands out~

Loved by many Gals, red is one of this spring's colour!

Glasses here featured with Harajuku Takeshita Dori kei, W♥C style and Spicy casual kei.

These scans are much self explainary. Below the pink highlighted words you will see some coloured description beneath them. Follow the colours and you will know which picture refers to the style (The words beside the picture tells them).

I want a glasses like that! For me I would get black glasses and the leopard skin-like pattern glasses! Maybe the red one too. Hahaha~!

Anyways, my eye infection has got better! Thank you for your wishes! I will be doing some tutorial or looks this weekend. Do look forward to them! (^^)v

Today I went back early from school because I nearly fainted during assembly! It's not my first encounter already but it's quite embarassing! My vision was all white and I was hearing lots of echo in my ears. Then I was sweating like mad and swirled around and my legs falling to the ground. Luckily Jessie caught hold of me before I actually falls on the ground! Thank you very much!

Later when my mom came to fetch me she asked me what's wrong with me this time... And we suspected that it must be that I had medicine this morning before I had anything else. Don't blame me for that yet! There wasn't any instruction on whether to take the medicine before or after meal!

I hope I didn't worry you~! Have to go now! To complete my stack of homework..... ( -o-);

Bye bye~!


  1. get well soon :D hope you are fine now!
    really looking forward for your tutorial :D

  2. idle-dreamer- I feel better now! Thanks!