April 25, 2011

Dr. Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks!

Yesterday I asked mom to buy me Dr. Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks as a reward for my recent examination results! \(^^)/

I have wanted this product for more than a year already. It was only available in Japan at that time. But it's finally reach the shelves of Malaysia! At Watsons! (Gosh, I love Watsons so much lately! Haha!)

It cost RM99 for the long sleeping socks and RM89 for the short sleeping socks.

I think it's more worth it to buy the long one as it's just RM10 difference on the pricing and you can get a longer socks that helps to slim down even at your thighs instead of only on the calves.

It claims that
- MediQtto Sleeping Compression Stockings throughly support your leg with low compression levels
- The ankle area is designed flat, making it suitable for the sleeping position
- Lavender colour facilitates sound sleep
- Toe-less sock design releases heat during sleep
- Cotton fabric delivers superior comfort *hPa is an international measurement unit for pressure.

Opening the packaging...

Here's how the socks look like!

Unlike normal socks, it actually has a shape that curves like your feet! And you can see at some parts the tone is a little bit different. That's where the compressing parts are!

Since I bought it, I had to try it! (I'm those types who will use something immediately once I got them..... Just like a kid... (^^);)

Before wearing the socks.

You don't really see how fat my legs are here. Hehe... I think what causes my legs to be fat and muscular was the super fast walking from school to train station that I used to do 1 year ago for 2 and a half years. Also, I got stucked in front of the computer like always... so... you know.... ( /-3-)/

After wearing the socks.

It feels really tight to wear it but when you got it on, it feels comfortable actually...

I slept with them the whole night and took them off this morning.

And my measurement~

Calves 33cm > 31.5cm
Thighs 50cm > 49cm

I actually felt reluctant to post up my measurement........( -o-) Because my legs are so fat...

Overall I think it's a great product! I will continue to wear it and see how it will help me in slimming my legs and getting rid of my water retention. (^^)v Tehe

Anyways, I have to postpone any tutorials etc. right now as my left eye is swollen. I don't know the cause of it yet but mom is going to bring me to the clinic later. Hopefully it'll be alright.

And I didn't go to school today as it's really weird looking... My eye's size shrinked by half. (O_O)* It's reddish, swollen and it hurts a little when I blink or touch my eye. (; ;)

Still, I will try to post up stuff that are interesting even if it's not related to make up or hair for now. So sorry m(_ _)m (;^;)*kusukusu*

Alrighty then,

Bye bye~


  1. I want those socks >.>
    Hope your eye gets better D; Maybe you had an allergic reaction cuz it swelled up ;o

  2. kuumelon- I went to the clinic yesterday and the doctor said it's an infection. It's getting much better now. Thanks!

  3. I always wondered if these products worked! haha I love seeing them in Japanese department stores. :)


  4. La Carmina- Hehe. Sometimes I have such thoughts too. But I would usually check their reviews online before purchasing. Japanese sure do have lots of weird things! :D

  5. which Watsons..? ^-^

  6. Anonymous- I think any Watsons have it?

  7. so.... from which watsons u got it..?xD
    coz i went to kepong n the mines 's Watsons, i can't find it =(

  8. Anonymous- I got mine at Watsons Aeon AU Keramat. I saw them before at Midvalley but according to my friend, it's sold out already.

  9. Oh wow so huge difference in measurements!!!

    I also got these after major long contemplating, for me the measurement changes are not that drastic, I am probably taller than you but my before measurements are the same as yours, mine didn't change at all I might say :P 0,5 cm
    But they DO make the leg look less puffy and takes away the muscle pain \(^-^)/ Loving them for that!

    ps. It makes me a bit envious you got your calf size down that much ;P

  10. haha i looked after these socks in google and found your blog =D
    i really want them socks too, but unfortunately i'm living in Germany :(

  11. Kettuki- I guess that's because I have some water retention on my calves that's why... It works better on water retention I think.

    Anhi- You can always get them online :D