April 21, 2011

Cut Out Shoulder fashion fever!! 肩出しFASHIONフィーバー!!


I'm sorry for not updating for a few days as I was busy with school work and was really tired. ( > <) But since tomorrow is Good Friday, we have a special school holiday! \(^^)/

So today's post will be about the IN style for spring that brings out one's cuteness and sexiness!

Mizukitty looks super cute in the right bottom corner picture!!!

1. Peasant Style
Peasant style is European farmer-like clothing. Blouses and tunics are a big hit!

2. Transparent knit
Transparent knit is this season's big trend! What's in now is to show off your shoulders deliberately and wear it loosely.

3. Poncho
For spring fashion, a transparent poncho is especially preferred. Matched with a hat or some feather accessories for a bohemian look!

4. Rough materials
Have a go on rough materials such as cut and sew or sweatshirt material.

5. Short length tops
Short length tops can be matched with from tank tops to onepieces.

6. See through
This spring see through clothing fever in on! Clean looking shirts or blouse are best

7. Summer knit

8. Holey tops

9. Butterfly shape

10. Dolman sleeve
This is definitely a big hit for spring! Varying from knit to cardigan!

11. Set clothing

Blogger style cut out shoulder coordination
Rule 1: Down colours
Blogger style's basic coordination consist of black, white, beige and denim.

Rule 2: Transparent materials
Holey knit or see through materials for a westerner look.

Rule 3: Vintage accessories
Antique style accessories or bag, brimmed hat or vintage accessories are a must.

That America Flag one piece is awesome!!!

Pixie style cut out shoulder coordination
Rule 1: Pastel style plain colours!

Rule 2: Cotton or lace are a must!

Rule 3: Bring in fluffy items!

Naa-chan (Suzuki Nana) style cut out shoulder coordination

Rule 1: Primary colours or print!!

Rule 2: Tank tops worn as inners

Rule 3: Rough accessories

I'm sorry for the lack of translation m(_ _)m Most of the stuff you can get the idea from the pictures shown so I did not translate them.

As for the last three coordinate shots, I love the blogger style and Naa-chan style best. (^^) I might try them out too. Hehe

What do you think or the cut out shoulder fashion? Do you like this style? Have you ever dressed like this before?

Do leave me a comment! \(^^)/

Well then,

See you~!


  1. Thanks for scans and translations :DD
    The shoulder thing is so cuteeee, but I dont think it will be allowed in my school -___-.
    I only wear my clothes like this by accident. If they are too big they start falling down and I dont care hahaah, now its deliberate.
    You should do some fashion coordination things too, like making basic outfits pop. Or take like 10 items and mix and match ;o

  2. Chris CatKiki- Thank you!

    kuumelon- Thank you for the suggestion! \(^^)/ As for that I don't think it will be so soon since I don't even have enough stuff in my closet to do that. (> <); I'm still filling it up. Hehe