April 17, 2011

100th post!!! My Eyemake tutorial!


It's finally the 100th post! Time passes so fast! \(^^)/

And for this, I will show you how I do my usual make up since I'm always showing different styles tutorial but not mine. (^^)

Let's start!!!

Start with a clean eye.

Apply Vanilla by M.A.C all over eye area

Next, apply Cork by M.A.C on eyelids. Blend it out with wind swipe motion.

Using Espresso by M.A.C, apply on the outer V of your eyes.

For bottom eye area, apply Espresso on the 1/4 and blend it to the 1/2 of your bottom eye area.

Eyeline your eyes. I usually prefer manmaru style. However, since cat eyes are in right now so I decided to wing it a bit. (^^)

Curl eyelashes, apply mascara then add false eyelashes. This time I used Dolly Wink No.1 and No.4 for upper lashes and Dolly Wink No.5 for bottom lashes.

I've got questions before on what eyelashes I use.

For top lash, it's either Dolly Wink No.1, No.2 or Daiso's No. 11 Voluminous Type. And I always add on Dolly Wink No.4 at the ends.

As for lower lash, I use Dolly Wink No.5, No.8 or No.6. I have been using No.5 a lot recently since it saves time to put it on as it comes in a strip. However, I still prefer No.8. (^^);

Actually I would like to try more eyelashes styles but I still couldn't find any that I like. Many stores in Malaysia carries eyelashes that are not much to my liking...

Anyways, back to the tutorial,

For blush I will apply Rose Quartz by M.A.C and for lips I will use Flavour lipstick by M.A.C and Song and Dance lipglass by M.A.C

I am loving pink lipsticks recently. Hehe

And that's how I do my usual make up recently! (^^)

By the way, I have planned that if I can achieve 100 followers then I will have a GIVEAWAY!!! I will give out lots of cute item! \(^^)/

I am already collecting some stuff for the giveaway. Are you excited for it? Hehe! Then please help me get more followers to be able to join the giveaway as soon as possible!

Translation: Wow! Nice! \(//∇//)\♥ It's realistic and cute at the same time, thank you so much ( ̄▽ ̄)smile

Translation: Is it Malaysia!! Thank you so much

I tweeted Okarie today AND SHE REPLIED!!! OMG!!! I mega love Okarie and was so happy that she actually saw my tweet after so long!!! Haha!

Anyways, the twitpic I included was the one that I drew some time ago. You can see it here: http://myau-club.blogspot.com/2010/11/okarie-portrait.html

Also, I got stung by a bee yesterday!!! It's my first time getting into such situation so I was very afraid that I have to go the the clinic for an injection or some sort. Since I have a phobia towards syringes...

I remembered my aunt mentioned about blood test is good and all an wanted my family to go for one. But when she referred to me I started crying like a children because I got so afraid just by imagining it. (; ;)

However it was alright. Just a little bit itchy but not really painful anymore. So no worries! (^^)

My fringe grew longer and I had to pin it up to side swept bangs... Not really perfect yet as I'm still practicing till it looks better...

Anyways, I'm sorry for so much of stuff cramped up in one post. I guess it's what happens when I don't blog for days...... ( > <)

But I hope you enjoyed reading. Hehe! (^^)v

I will post up more scans from Popteen soon and also will do a tutorial on side swept bangs (prefected one) so do look out for it!!!

Well then,

Nighty nights~! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
P.S: More followers pleaseee! v(^w~)v


  1. Waooo, I really like this make up!
    Looks gorgeous *o*

  2. Meri and Anni- Thank you!! \(^^)/

  3. Congratz on your 100th post!! ( · w · )/

    your eyes look so big here :)

  4. i love all ur tutorial.. can u tell me where u b0ught ur c0ntact lense and fake eye lashes... its look so preety on u

  5. I is Me.. I is Preety- Thank you! I bought my contact lenses through my friend who sells them. Unfortunately she doesn't have an online shop. (^^;) As for fake eye lashes, I buy them at random shops like Sasa, Daiso or phamacies like Watsons and Guardian.