March 10, 2011



A while back I had the urge to search for my Tamagotchi V4 which I left to 'collect dust' years ago. I got my Tamagotchi for a Christmas present. (^^)

I seem so childish..... (-o-);

Character List of Tamagotchi V4.

Here's my current Tamagotchi, Hinotamatchi.
It's a boy and I named it Ikuto few years back... I guess I was too interested in Shugo Chara! (^^);

Here's a chart of how to get your desired Tamagotchi. It depends on the intelligence, arts and social skills.

And here's a guide to get Special Characters! I want Makiko~~~

Here's my current skills stats. Can you guess which Tamagotchi I'm aiming for?



This Bumble-bee-like-Cat looks so cute! I want it! \(^^)/

Also, today's my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday to Samuel!

Yes, I made him wear a skirt after singing Barbie Girl by Aqua. No, I sang Barbie 'boy'. Haha! *Inside joke

That's it for today! Tomorrow's the last day of exam!

Motto Ganbarimasu~! (I will try even harder to do my best!)

Bye bye~!


  1. My Boyfriend had a Tamaghotchi for 1. His Mum killed it XDDDD

  2. PetiteMiyuu- What happened?!

  3. Nyahhhhh!! I love tamagotchi xD I was so addicted to them for so long ^U^

  4. ButterzXx- I like them but when I get too busy to take care of it, I pass it to my younger brother. (^^)