March 5, 2011

Sweet style Neko me take!

Well well,

There's a recent boom of Neko eyemake recently within the Gyaru style. So in this month's Popteen, Sweet style Neko me is introduced!

What is Sweet style Neko me?

The six points of this eyemake!
A- Kind looking eyebrows
To create a roundish effect. Short eyebrow end.

B- Thicker eyelining in the middle for a rounder eye look
Not just creating a rounder look, it opens up your eyes too.

C- Upper false eyelashes with thicker volume in the middle
Getting a rounder eye shape and a sweeter look.

D- Winged eyeliner angle equal to your eyelid shape when it's closed
The old Neko me eyeline used to wing really high up. However, the latest style is to draw it parallel to your eyeline up.

E- Placing lower lashes away from your bottom eye
Since the upper lashes are extended, you need to put your lower false eyelashes away from the bottom of your eyes too. It also creates a rounder look.

F- Darker colour on the inner and outer corners of your eye.
This will enhance the Neko me look. If you are going to taper your inner corners, you can line it at your waterline.

Sweet style Neko me take by other models!

And now, I'm going to show you my take on Hikari(Pikarin)'s Sweet style Neko me!

For upper eyelid eyeshadow,

Lightest pink - Vanilla eyeshadow by M.A.C used all over my eye areas.

Second lighter pink - Middle shade of Maybelline's Trio Chocolate eyeshadow over eyeball area.

Darkest pink - Scene by M.A.C applied on the eyelids. Start from inner corners and outer corners and work into the middle. Then apply more eyeshadow on the outer corner. Blend it well.

For below eye area,

Using Scene by M.A.C, line where you'll be placing the bottom eyelashes. Remember, you are trying to create a roundish eye.

As for eyeline, draw it parallel to the line of your eyelids when closed. One tip is to slightly tug your eyelid to draw a perfect line. Don't tug it too much as it'll cause wrinkles!

Curl eyelashes then coat over mascara and add in false eyelashes. I'm sorry I did not capture a picture of the lower eyelash. m(_ _)m

Top: Dolly Wink No.1 and No.4
Bottom: Dolly Wink No.5 (trimmed)

Finally, apply blusher in horizontally and sweet pink lipstick then lipgloss. And you have your Sweet Style Neko me look!

Blusher: Rose Quartz by M.A.C
Lipstick: Flavour by M.A.C
Lipgloss: Enchantress by M.A.C

In my opinion, I don't really like how my eyes look with Hikari's look. Perhaps I'll try other models' look and will tell you how I will set my default Sweet Style Neko me eyemake!

I hope you got an idea of this look and I wish you good luck in trying!

I did this look after school hence the school shirt. (^^);

One more tutorial and one post on Spring trends coming up. Do look forward to them!

Next week my school exam will start. I might be updating a little bit only. But as soon as it finishes, it'll be back to daily post! I'm so excited to post up the list I have made! (^^)v

That's it for now,



  1. I absoulutly Loooove your blog! It gives sooo much info. I havent commented often but Ive been reading !

  2. i'll try it soon, you look beautiful and so cute with that make up

    kisses <3

  3. mirai-moro - Thank you! I do remember you commenting. ^^

    ★Mel - Good luck! Do tell me if you are going to post up your take on the eyemake! :D