March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan


I hope everyone are still praying for Japan.

Did you notice I drew on my face?

It's supposed to be a Japan flag but instead of a red circle in the middle I drew a heart on it.

It's easy, using cellophane tape, tape a rectangular shape on your face then fill the space inside with white eyeshadow. Then draw on the heart with a lipliner or using a lipbrush, draw it on with a red lipstick.

I don't have a white face paint so I used white eyeshadow. (^^)

It's the fourth day of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Things are not getting much better yet.

However, I think it's time to get strong and help out instead of crying. We should learn from the Japanese how they are helping each other because everyone is on the same boat. In this world, all human are just the same.

So let's help them out with whatever that is in your ability. There is no use to shed more tears. (^^)

See you soon~


  1. the flag is real cute ^^
    let's pray for japan together!

  2. yunnie- \(^o^)/ Thank you! Let's pray for Japan!

  3. yes ! ^^ your blog is really pretty!

  4. yunnie- Thank you! <3 And also thank you for following! Hehe~

  5. no problem!
    your color lens are cute!

  6. yunnie- You can just call me Neko... (^^) It's Geo Dolly Green.

  7. You are very pretty!
    Cute pics!