March 19, 2011

Movie Marathon~!


So on Thursday I went to my friend, Ally's house along with Ky Li and Angel to sleepover and we had a movie marathon! However, Angel did not sleepover... (> <)

On the first day we watched 5 movies together. On the second day, Ky Li watched two movies with us and I watched the last one with Ally.

Below are my personal reviews...

1. Burlesque

I love this movie! Although there were many revealing scenes, the songs, dances, make up and costumes were great! A must watch I think! Haha!

2. Orphan

This is from quite long ago but the story and the suspense was great too! A psychotic movie with a great plot!

3. Black Swan

'It was perfect.' I've got to say that in the beginning it looked okay. But from the middle onwards there was lots of 18+ scenes, if you know what I mean... But overall a great plot that keeps the audiences watching while figuring what was actually happening to Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman).

4. Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear was funny! I think it will be a great entertainment for a family movie!

5. Hetalia 'Paint It White!'

If you've watched Hetalia then you will want to watch this! Here's the download link to the subbed video:

6. Coraline

I've never felt so scared while watching animation movie! But I think through the story, it let us realise that we should not demand for everything and also parents should care for their children more.

7. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Doggies are just so cute~! Poppy and Chloe along with their pups will make you go 'awww...'

8. Race to the Witch Mountain

We didn't actually finish this movie as the disc went wrong at the last part. But it was nice, though it's not the type of movie that I will love to watch. (> <)

I had lots of fun there! Although it's just movies! Haha!

After watching so many movies, I don't think I want to watch that many for a while! Haha!

By the way, I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently... I will try to update more, ok?

Bye bye~


  1. I love coraline!! I've rewatched it over and over again..

  2. Jilliancat- It's scary to me, but I would rewatch it. :D

  3. They are all good movies. Just watched burlesque yesterday and it was AWESOME

  4. Stephanie- I've watched it four times! :D