March 1, 2011

Short notice


I'm really stressed out with school lately. Exams are coming soon and I've not even prepared! (> <);

I wanted to post up something on the Spring trend but I guess I'll have to put it on hold until the exam is over! It starts on 7 March and ends on 11 March.

As soon as it is over, I'll be more focused towards blogging. (^^)v

I've got lots of informative posts lining up! I really hope I can show them to you as soon as possible!

So, I hope I'll have some time this coming weekend to post up some goodies for you to refer to!

Meanwhile, do go through my archives if you hadn't seen them! I'm sorry!

m(_ _)m


  1. this picture is really cute! (o^-')b

  2. PetiteMiyuu- Thank you! And I just realised I did not put a title for the post! > <

  3. Hii! you're cute~! good luck on your school work! I'm a new follower <3

    (can u do a tutorial on how to curl your hair like in the header of the page someday? I don't know how to curl my hair very well, and the way you did it is very nice)

  4. hi n_n! you're so cute, i foud your blog searching for kawaii tv streams hahaha.


  5. Wow, you totally look like a model! Cute!

  6. Anonymous- Thank you for being my blog follower! \(^^)/

    The curls on the header is actually a previous day curl tied into buns at night and let down the next day! But I will do a tutorial on curling hair as soon as I finish my exams!

    ★Mel- Thank you! I love Tokyo Kawaii TV ! (^^)v

    MOON- Thank you~! <3

  7. OMG howw adorable~ i think your makeup is so simple but darlingg ^.^