March 31, 2011

How to control snacking!

I'm sure that you've been through moments when you would open and close the refrigerator door a million times to find something to nib on. Especially snacks! (^^)

Snacks are alright to be consumed occasionally but over intake is still not good. But how do you stop yourself from snacking?

It's all about control! You have to control your urge to eat snacks!

So while I was chatting with my friend about how we should control ourselves from snacking yesterday, I thought of this (brilliant) idea! How this idea came about was because in my school we have to pay $1 for every offences such as untidy attire, late for assembly etc. And to me, I think this actually helps to discipline oneself to not make the same mistake again.

So how it works? (Just an example)

So here's my favourite snack, Mr. Chocolate. (^^)v He's smirking at you because he knows you want to eat him but you know if you take a bite you will not stop.

To stop yourself from craving for Mr. Chocolate, everytime you can't hold it in anymore and you want to have a bite of Mr. Chocolate, you will have to feed Piggy too. (>w<)

It also means you're paying more and more to Piggy and waving Bye bye to your money. (Come back here!)

And by the end of the month/year, check how many times you fed Piggy. I bet if you couldn't control yourself all the time, Piggy will be so full!

Well actually, it's not entirely a non-snacking plan. You CAN have snacks once in a while, like a every fortnight or every month you treat yourself to something nice.

Other than this method of controlling snacking, you can try to drink more water too. Sometimes when we crave for something, it might actually means that our body needs more water!

I've also heard of eating fibrous breakfast such as oatmeals can help avoiding snacking. I think it's a great idea as fibrous food helps us to digest better and I think it'll prepare you well for the day!

And that's just a few things I wanted to share. If you have any suggestions, ideas or you've find faults in the ways I suggested, please let me know in the comments section! I reply to them! (^^)

Good Night! \(^^)/

P.s: Recently I've started to like KARA, a famous Kpop band! I've never thought that I would like Kpop but I guess KARA has big influence in Japan that's why? Haha!


  1. I eat a lot, and I never stop snacking...hheehe... I love all those potato chips, chocolate, and casava. thanks to my mom she inherit me with skinny genes xD~~~

  2. Yes, fibrous food works :). Actually i snack all the time lately, but i also started eating fibrous ingredients to avoid getting fat lol because of snacking ....and it actully worked! it lowered my anxiety for snacking and i can eat a lot and still stay healthy

  3. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- I have friends like that too and I'm so jealous of it! (>w<)

    Stephanie- That's good!

  4. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 - Omo~ you're lucky~

    I snack way too much~ but I can never seem to just sit down and EAT A FULL meal~ >< NG

    I love Kara too~~^^ what's your favourite song Neko-chan? =^^=

  5. さくらピクセル- Hmm... I'm not sure about favourite but so far from those that I've heard is Mister and Lupin. ^^

  6. first time reading your blog..... the photos are so cute... you draw it?

  7. Carrie- Welcome! Yup, I drew them. ^^

  8. Would love to see more of these weight things.
    If you could, translate the useful weight tips from popteen that would be amazing :D
    Really love your blog.

  9. kuumelon- I will try to post up some when they feature them in Popteen. (^^)