March 5, 2011

How to contour and highlight a smaller nose and higher nose bridge


Today's tutorial is going to be on how to contour and highlight a smaller nose and higher nose bridge.

I think most people wants a smaller, defined and higher nose bridge.

As for such, some chose to undergo rhinoplasty surgery (nose surgery) in order to get the perfect nose. However, it is expensive and permanent.

As for me, I think if we are capable to achieve that using make up, why don't we do it? Make up can sometimes create optical illusions on our face. (^^)

These tips I'm giving vary from people to people as there are so many types of noses so you've got to experiment yourself how you are going to achieve that particular shape you want.

I used the lightest shade of Kate Designing Eyebrow Ex-5 for contouring. In most magazine, you see the Ex-4 one. However, as I have darker skin, I used Ex-5 as it's darker.

As for highlight, right now I don't actually have a proper highlight powder so I use M.A.C Sugarwhite.

Choosing a contour shade:

You want only a few shades darker than your skin tone. It works like a shadow.

Choosing a highlight shade:

Lighter than your skin tone. (^^)

Here is after I contour and highlight my nose.

This is how I contoured and highlighted.


Starting from eyebrows, contour curve in then down at the point you desire. Then bring it under your nose.


Start from the middle of your nose bridge and bring it upwards and downwards. Be careful not to highlight too wide or you'll get a wide nose.
Then highlight the side of your nose. I don't know what you your opinion of this is, but I think when you highlight that part and the shadows are not so prominent, it gives an illusion of smaller nose...
Also, highlight your forehead.

This type of contouring and highlight suits nose that are not too wide or fat.

The other style of contouring and highlighting...


Starting from eyebrows, contour curve inwards then down. Then, contour the rest of the nose that is not going to be highlighted. It looks a bit like a triangle.


Starting from the middle of your nose bridge, bringing the highlight upwards and downwards.

This type of contour suites people who has wider nose.

So that's the two types of contour and highlight that I've tried before. Personally, I don't really like the image of triangle contoured nose, but if that's the only thing that makes your nose appear smaller and higher then you'll just have to bear with it until you find a way to get it right!

I would like to know if you have your own ways to contour and highlight too!

By the way, if you are going for a more natural style, which is not gyaru type, you can contour from your eyebrows, curve inwards then stop around your eye level.

Do you contour and highlight your nose in your daily make up? Or do you only contour and highlight for events make up?

Happy shaping your nose!

See you~!

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  1. Hi great article! I was wondering if you could explain more about how to triangle contour your nose and how it looks like