March 25, 2011

How to Contour and Highlight face

Nyan nyan~!

Today's tutorial is going to be on 'How to Contour and Highlight face'.

It has been on my to post list for some time so I guess it's time to post it up. (^^);

Let's start!

'Why should I contour?'
Contouring face makes your face looks smaller. Highlighting makes it pop out.
So by combining these two, you'll get a more 3D face.

Also, after applying a foundation base to your face, it will make your face looks flat as everything is covered up.

There are four types of face shape in general.

Round-shaped face

Long-shaped face (Egg-shaped face)

Triangle-shaped face

Home base-shaped face

This is a scan from popsister March 2011 issues covering on how to shade faces with different face shape.

Top left: Round-shaped face
Shade from the temples to the cheekbones to lift up the cheekbones.

Top right: Triangle-shaped face
Shade from the temples down for a rounder face.

Bottom left: Egg-shaped face
Shade above your forehead and around the chin area. Highlight your T-zone and under the eye area (triangle zone).

Bottom right: Home base-shaped face
Concentrating on areas around the temples and little bit to the cheek. Then, bring the colour upwards above your forehead area and downwards. Highlight your T-zone.

I have a home base face shape which is wide and looks like a pentagon. Okarie has this face shape too. \(^^)/

Sometimes I hate having such a wide face too. So to achieve a smaller face illusion, I will cover my face with my hair and curl it too to maximize the smaller face effect. Because if your hair looks puffy, your face will look smaller. Also, for wide faces, you want to sweep your bangs sideways so that your face will appear longer and balance it out.

Anyways, the main thing about this post is shading and contouring. So here is me showing you how I contour.

For contouring I used Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess. And a blush brush by Elianto.
As for highlighting, I used sugarwhite by M.A.C.

By using a bronzing powder to contour your face, it will give you a more glowing finish.

Here is my face before I contour and highlight it.

And here I've contoured the left side and done some highlight. Can you see the difference?

One side is more 3D and looks smaller. While the other side looks flat.

Pink- Contour
Green- Highlight
Let's talk about the highlight here.

Forehead- You want a more 'popped-out' forehead. Since many asian faces are flat, you want to make it look more 3D.
Below eye area- To lift up cheekbones and brighten up eyes too.
Chin- To lengthen face if your face is short.

Another tip, contour below your face area. This is to hide away double chin so your face looks slimmer.

And lastly a camwhore shot~ <33 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
I didn't have much time to style my hair for this post so I tied an Odango! Fastest way to style hair! And also hide your 'bad-hair-day' away!

I'm currently growing out the two sides of my bangs. The last time I went to the hairstylist to cut my fringe, she cut it too wide. (> <) So I have to grow them out for now...

And also because of that, I'm actually trimming my bangs by myself every month. (^^) I did a post on that, you can see it here~
How to cut Full Front Fringe

Also, if you missed out the post on nose contouring and highlightning, here's the link to it~
How to Contour and Highlight a Smaller Nose

More posts coming up soon! Do follow me on my blog or my twitter (Or both!) to get the latest updates. (^^)v

See you soon!!!


  1. very helpful ^^ !
    btw what kind of lash do you wear?

  2. MOON- My current loves are Dolly Wink No.1 or No.2 for top lash and No.5 or No.8 for bottom lash!

  3. thanks for sharing this, I'm not really into look cute~ what falsies are u wearing?

  4. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- I was wearing Dolly Wink No. 1

  5. Very helpful, thank you so much! Btw, your super duper pretty!!!(^∇^)

  6. wow youre super pretty even without the contouring :) btw do you use base makeup before the contouring?? if so, what do you use?

  7. hannahmelody- Aww... Thank you! :D

    tadi chan- Ehehe, thank you! Yes, I used base make up before contouring. I used to use BB bream, concealer and powder but now I have changed my foundation routine. Will be doing a post on that. :)