March 3, 2011

Gyaru Me2 + Gyaru & Gyaruo transformation on Tokyo Kawaii TV part 2


Today's post will be part two of Tokyo Kawaii TV.

If you haven't seen part 1, here's the link to it:

Gyaru Me2 + Gyaru & Gyaruo Transformation + China Tourists on Tokyo Kawaii TV

Saramari waiting for arrival of Gyaru that will be joining the meet up.

Around 1.10pm, Charlotte and Rox arrived.

Gyaru from countries like America, Phillipines and more join the meet up!

15 Gaijin gyarus from 8 different countries!

After shopping, they headed for Purikura! Later they headed to Karaoke too.

Saramari expressed how happy she was to be able to meet gyaru from many different countries. Then they bid goodbye to each other.

Back to the gyaru and gyaruo transformation!

Yamada-san turned into a Gyaruo! His style is Rock Pirate! Before and After looks so different!

The girls team's theme was White Napoleon. Before and After...

Time for the results.... Who will be the winner of this challenge?

And it..... Alex's team!

And that concludes this episode! Next episode will be on OL fashion.

Do you know what is OL fashion? Do you want to know about OL fashion?

That's that!

Good Night!


  1. Wow, thanks for the review! ^^
    Now I understand what they're doing XD