March 23, 2011

Black x white cute nails tutorial


Today I've painted my toenails! And I've decided to show you how I painted them! (^^)

I'm not very skilled at painting nails, this is my third time drawing design on them. The first time was during Halloween's where I drew a jack-o-lantern shape on one of the nails. The second one was a failure since it turned out horrible... (-o-);

So this is how the design I drew look like~

So first paint a white nail polish as a base colour.

When the base colour has dried, add in black stripes. Middle, left and right.

Using black, draw a bow on the bottom with a brush when the stripes have dried.

I used an ordinary thin paint brush to draw on the designs. Cleaning it with nail polish remover everytime I finish one colour.

Lastly, draw in some white lining around the ribbon to let it 'seperate' from the stripes.

Paint a top coat and it's done!

I think this is really simple. But I need to practice more on my nail painting skills. Hehe

I hope you like this nail tutorial. I'm not very good yet so do correct me if I've done any mistakes. (^^)

Oh by the way, my previous tamagotchi Simasimatchi died because I left it unattended to for two days. (; ;)

After that, I had to reset and start a new generation for my tamagotchi. This time I kept playing the intelligent skill game and got myself a...


My tamagotchi is version 4. To get it, you will have to get a Young Mametchi then increase it's intelligent skill points to 350. From this, you'll get a Mametchi. Then, increase your total skill points until it's up to 450 points and it will turn into a Tensaitchi immediately. (^^)

I will not let Tensaitchi die this time. Haha!

I will try to post up a tutorial on hair or make up soon. Been busy with school stuff lately. *looks at the stack of homework to be done (-o-);

Since tomorrow's Friday, perhaps I'll post up a tutorial? Who knows?

So bye bye for now!


  1. waah is that a panda-gocchi? sooo cute xD

  2. Rin ♥ 김혜린- panda-gocchi? You mean the tamagotchi character? It's tensaitchi. It means the genius tamagotchi.