February 22, 2011

Types of Gyaru Eyemake Style!


As to clear off one of my coming post, today I'm going to tell you about types of Gyaru Eyemake!

Before anything else, I would like to make it clear that all information here are learnt by myself and there could be some mistakes. So if you see any, please tell me in the comments section so that I can correct them!

Pictures in this post are all drawn by me so I've put Neko-chan there! If you are interested in using them, please tell me beforehand ok?

So here we go~!

What is Tare me (タレ目)?

Tare me is known as droopy eyes.

To achieve this eyemake, you will need to extend the eyeliner downwards.

For top eyelashes, while applying, try to adjust the eyelashes on the outer corner downwards then curl it upwards. Also, it will be a good idea to add volume to the outer corner of the eyelashes.

For bottom lashes, you will use them to make your eyes droopy. But if you make it too droopy, it'll make you look very sad. So try to make them just right. ^^

What is Neko me (ネコ目)?

Neko means cat so it's a cat eyemake!

For the eyeliner, you will have it wing it upwards at the end and extend in the inner corners for that cat eye shape.

For top eyelashes, add more volume towards the outer corner of the eyelashes.

For bottom lashes, try not to put it too far away from the top eyelashes. You want to open up your eyes but not make them look droopy.

What is Manmaru me (真丸目)?

It means round almond eyes!

For the eyeliner, you will want to extend it downwards creating a round curve. And also, drawing you eyeliner thicker in the middle helps shaping your eyes rounder! Also, if you want it to be even more rounder, you can draw in the inner corners. However do not draw them too long like neko me look. A little dot would do.

For the top eyelashes, you can choose whether you want to use voluminous point type eyelashes like M.A.C 07 or voluminous type that looks like an 'opened fan'.

For the bottom eyelashes, you will want to use them to shape your eyes for an almond look. Point eyelashes or straight eyelashes are ok too!

What is Pacchiri me (ぱっちり目)?

Since pacchiri means shiny, pacchiri eyes means eyes that pops. Just like shiny eyes.

For eyeliner, you can wing them outwards but not as long as tare me, manmaru me or neko me.

For top eyelashes, since you want the shiny effect, I would recommend using eyelashes that makes your eyes look like they are shining. For example those voluminous point type like Jewerich's no.2.

For bottom eyelashes, you want them to bring out that shining effect too. So I think using straight eyelashes would help.

What is Gyaru Natural style (ナチュラルスタイル) eyemake?

One good example of models that can bring out this look well is Kumicky! Natural style looks cleaner and the eyelashes are not too long too.

For eyeliner, you want to extend them slightly but not too long because you want to keep that natural feel.

For top eyelashes, you want to use eyelashes that don't look too bold on eyes. Or you can choose to use mascara only like what Tsubasa does. If you are using mascara, remember to curl your lashes first!

For bottom eyelashes, you can choose whether you want to use mascara only or also adding some straight eyelashes that looks natural and clean. If you are using mascara, after applying mascara to your bottom lashes, use a tweezers to clump a few strands of eyelashes together so that they look neater and they will look like straight eyelashes.

What is Manmaru tare me (真丸タレ目)?

This is a combination between manmaru me and tare me. It looks slightly droopy but it keeps an almond shape.

For eyeliner, you will want to extend it downwards and also drawing thicker in the middle. Don't draw in the inner corners or else it'll turn out to be more manmaru me than manmaru tare me.

For top eyelashes, you want to use voluminous point type. Jewerich no. 2 is a good example. Then, you want to add in more volume on the outer corner. Dolly Wink no. 4 is highly recommended!

For bottom eyelashes, you want to use them to create an almond shape but keep them slightly droopy.

What is Neko tare me (ネコタレ目)?

This is a combination between neko me and tare me. It's a more roundish cat eye look. This look is quite new so I'm not very sure about it yet...

For eyeliner, extend the end upwards like neko me. However, for this one, you don't draw in the inner corners. You want to keep it roundish.

For top eyelashes, something like neko me would do too.

For bottom eyelashes, you want to make them look slightly droopy. Using straight lash, adjust the bottom eyelashes to be slightly further away than the neko me look. Or you can also try to adjust the eyelashes towards the middle. Also, I've saw looks where people only apply mascara! I guess for this one, as long as it looks like a roundish cat eye, I think it's alright!

So these are the seven types of the Gyaru Eyemake explained in brief! I'm not sure whether there are others, but do let me know ok? ^^

I hope you understand from the illustrations! Although they look similar, they are actually not!

Of course, the eyelashes used are not fixed for that particular look. ^^ There are too many varieties! So just keep experimenting to achieve more looks!

I've tried all of them and the ones I like are manmaru tare me and pacchiri me. I think they look really cute!

Which look do you prefer? Which of these eyemakes have you tried?

That's it for today,

Mata ashita! (See you tomorrow!)


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGG I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR AN ANSWER FOR THESE! I looked at youtube... then finally Google and found your site :P

    Nice drawings! And thanks so much for the tips!!!

    I've been wanting to do a gyaru look but I keep failing T__T then I kept looking at different pictures and found out the lashes were near the ends extended more out like Tare me (タレ目). So I wanted to see if this was true and luckily I wasn't the only one trying to find out. You've made it so much easier on me. Thank you so much.

    If I do ever post up pics on my website, could I use some of your pictures and credit your website?
    Thank you again :DDD

    chibi (*^・^)CHU〜☆

  2. chibirubie- I'm glad you found your answer!!!

    I might not be 100% correct in this but it's just some tips that I want to share. ^^ I hope you will be able to get that Gyaru look soon! Look into magazine, videos and tutorials! They helped me so much. ^^

    Sure, you can post them as long as you credit me. ^^

  3. Ok I did! Thanks so much for your help again! If you want to see the picture I used, its on my blog!

    chibi <3

  4. This is really helpful! *Bookmarks* :D

  5. ELEAN♥R- Aww... Thanks for bookmarking!

  6. OMG! This post is so useful!!! Thank you so much!
    I love your drawing, they really give me an idea how do achieve the look :3

  7. Omnom Neko- Thank you! Good luck in trying! :D

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  9. eimi.desu- Thank you! I couldn't get them right at first, but it's all about practice! (^^) Try imagining the eye shape you want and use the bottom lashes to create the shape you desire.

  10. This is perfect i always had some doubts about the eyes, this was very helpfull thank you very much ;)

  11. Oooooo this post is VERY helpful to anyone who hasn't got their eye make done well. :D

  12. Oh my gosh, this is insanely helpful!! :D

  13. Naoki- Yeah, I actually posted this because I couldn't find a proper one on the net too. :)

    ナニベリー ♥- Hope you understand now!

  14. This post was very informative...thank You hun <3

  15. Maaaa.... I've been having plenty of problems getting my eyelashes right and thanks to this, I may be able to get some non-failed pictures on my blog :D

    Are these your drawings? They're perfect! I can learn how to do gyaru eyes and pass Art with this post :D

  16. Anjell- Thank you sweetie <3

    Kitsune- Yup they are my drawings (^^) Lots of practice is the key to getting it right! :D