February 24, 2011

Tokyo Kawaii TV Malaysia + Ank Rouge on Fuji TV


Yesterday I tweeted Cheesie about Tokyo Kawaii TV after I watched Xiaxue's episode part two.

So, today I'm going to tell you a little bit on the episode for Tokyo Kawaii TV Malaysia.

When I tweeted about it, they(Cheesie, Audrey and the other girls that will be appearing) were asking about how they can watch it.

What I saw was, after the episode of Xiaxue's part two, they only showed that they are going to search for Gyaru in Malaysia.

I'm sorry I didn't print screen it but I will tell you what they showed, ok?

- Picture of Cheesie and Audrey and stating that Tokyo Kawaii TV is going to Malaysia for their mission in searching Gyarus

- Lie and Maiko meet up with Cheesie and Audrey and they hugged

- Lie and Maiko ran up to Yuki and Yokoi and hugged them

- Scene where all the girls that will be appearing in the episode, the Foruchizu gyaru sa and stating an army of Gyarus.

- Lie and Maiko crying and Cheesie crying too. They all hugged each other.

That's just briefly about it!

The episode on Tokyo Kawaii TV in Malaysia is going to be up in April according to Cheesie and Audrey's tweet. I will post a reminder on my blog when the schedule is out ok? (^^)

Also, if you still don't know how to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV, check out my post on it.

How to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV

If you still don't understand, feel free to ask me. ^^

Also, yesterday after tweeting to Cheesie and Audrey about that, I saw Okarie's (@Okarie1023) tweet about asking her followers to watch Fuji TV.

I switched to that channel and I saw Lil'B, Okarie and two girls who were given Gyaru transformation. They also showed Ank Rouge in Shibuya 109.

Below are the print screens of it.

I'm so glad I caught the programme~! I love Okarie!

More pictures of that on Okarie's blog!

And that's today's post.

Tomorrow I'm going to KLCC! Hopefully I can buy some nice stuff ! (^^)

So bye bye for now~!

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