February 13, 2011

Today's outfit~ Ank Rouge inspired


First of all, I'm sorry for updating so late! I was out the whole day. > <

I wanted to do a post on a tutorial at first but I didn't had the time to. I'm really sorry m(_ _)m

So here's today's outfit...

It is inspired by Ank Rouge! When I was shopping for new clothes before Chinese New Year, I made a list of clothes that I wanted to buy. And one of them was an Ank Rouge style top. ^^

But then I had no bottoms to match so on the third day of Chinese New Year when I was the tour guide for my cousins from Singapore around KL, I bought these high waist pants. My cousin bought a darker colour one. ^^



Hair accessory

Me~ Hehe

I'm sorry for yellowy pictures as I took these in my mom's office's toilet. ^^; Toilets are only place of total privacy...

Today was a very hot day. I kept sweating non-stop so I had to touch up my make up so many times. I'm the kind who sweats easily. (; ;)

Many times, just sitting in my room with the fan turned on I will sweat like I've just ran up and down the stairs for several rounds.

I really hate sweating so I prefer to stay in colder places (but not too cold please!). However some friends of mine (they don't really sweat) prefer to be able to sweat easily since they say you can lose weight by sweating... Is it really true? How come I gained weight despite the hot weather during Chinese New Year? (; ;)

Recently I received some chocolates from my friend that went to Tokyo last year. It's really delicious! Thank you!

It seems like many of my friends are going to Japan. One of them is going in March. When will it be my turn, I wonder...

So that's it for today! Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow as that pile of homework beside me is waiting for me to complete them. Give me super mind and speed so I can finish them!!! Hahaha!

Well then,

Good Night~


  1. I really like the shorts! And the bow on your hair :) So pretty!

  2. Rainy Days and Lattes- Thank you! I love the blue colour of the bottoms. ^^